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It can be a real nuisance looking for a job online. Jumping from one site to another, running the same search on each site just to find the positions you are interested in. This is time consuming and often frustrating.

At Teachanywhere we have used RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to combat this. Using your web browser, or a separate news reader, it is possible for you to subscribe to RSS job feeds that are based on a saved search you have created. You will be able to view all the latest jobs matching your search criteria that are available without having to visit our website.

Viewing and Subscribing

Most modern browsers will indicate that there is an RSS feed available by highlighting the RSS Feed in the toolbar. To view those feeds simply click on the button and select the feed you are interested in.

Alternatively any page that has a related RSS feed will have a RSS Feed on it. Clicking on this logo will take you to that feed.

To subscribe to the feed you are viewing is a simple case of adding it to your browsers inbuilt RSS reader, or copying and pasting the feeds URL into your news reader software.