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Frequently Asked Questions about Teachanywhere

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Why Teachanywhere?

Why should I register with Teachanywhere? Can't I just find a job on my own?

By registering once with Teachanywhere, teachers interested in working abroad avoid the hassle of filling out applications for each and every job for which they would like to be considered. In addition, they have access to ‘inside information' to increase their chances of landing their dream job abroad such as ‘what kind of experience is required?”, “does it matter if I have entered teaching through an alternative programme?” and “what qualities do I have that this school is looking for?”. Similarly, we will present the schools of your choice with a completed package including references and screening details, which will show how you are suited to the job and school at hand. We will be your advocate, working on your behalf.

We work with you to determine the best match for your needs. The world is a big place and the variation between two schools in the same area can be quite large. By understanding you as a person, your requirements, your dreams and your personal circumstances, we can recommend positions and regions that you might not have considered. We have successfully placed hundreds of teachers around the world and continually gather information about the schools and regions for the sole purpose of better informing and matching candidates. And because our services are free to teachers, you have nothing to lose!

Is there a fee to register?

No, there is never any fee or commission to teachers. As part of our registration process we require documentation such as a police check or criminal record check which may need to be procured by the teacher at their own expense. Fees for police checks vary by country, and your Teachanywhere consultant can advise you on how to obtain one, if you do not already have a recent check.

Is there an obligation to use your services if I register?

No, there is no obligation. However, we ask that teachers who apply directly to schools keep us informed of their applications so that we do not duplicate effort. Note that if a teacher has applied directly to a school not using our services, we cannot advocate on their behalf with that school.

Why do you ask for personal information such as my date of birth and marital status?

We must abide by the requirements of each country in which we place and these requirements are often different than the country in which you are living. For instance, in some regions of the Middle East, work permits will not be issued if a teacher is more than 60 years of age. In some countries, unmarried partners are not legally able to co-habitate. By sharing your information with the Teachanywhere team confidentially, we will be able to match you appropriately and explain why certain regions might be more suitable than others.

How safe is my information?

We conform to the UK's Data Protection regulations, which are some of the most stringent in the world. We will never provide your information to anyone but hiring schools without your explicit permission. You can opt out of job alerts and manage your profile and contact information online through our secure registration. We take your date very seriously!