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Questions About Criminal Record Checks For Teaching Jobs Abroad

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Teachanywhere requires a criminal record check from your last country of residence as part of your registration.

The list of world countries is of course quite large, but we have compiled our best information for the main countries of residence of most teachers. When in doubt check with your local embassy, or as a worst case, visit your local police station with a friend who speaks the local language and have your friend explain that you need a document from the police showing you have not been convicted of a crime during your time in the country, something which is required for your next teaching job.

Australia - you need an Australian Federal Police Check/National Police Check. You can find forms and information here http://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/police-checks.aspx

Canada - you need a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Federal Police) check rather than a regional police check. Details and forms are here http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/fing-empr2-eng.htm

China - you can obtain a police certificate from the local Public Security Bureau by asking someone to act on your behalf in China. To do this, you must give specific written authorisation to this person, along with: a photocopy of your passport, including the page that contains the Chinese visa.

The person acting on your behalf must present the documents to the local Public Security Bureau.

Ireland - you apply through the Garda Central Vetting Unit. Contact them to obtain a form.

Garda Central Vetting Unit
Racecourse Road Thurles
Tipperary, Ireland

Tel: +353 504 27300/+353 504 27300
Fax: +353 0504 27373

More info at http://www.teachingcouncil.ie/garda_vetting/default.asp?NCID=368

New Zealand - you need to obtain a police clearance through New Zealand Licensing and Vetting Services Centre http://www.police.govt.nz/service/vetting

South Africa - you need a Police Clearance Certificate from the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria. It takes between 28 to 50 days to receive your police check so start early! http://www.dfa.gov.za/consular/policeclear.htm

United States - a FBI check is needed, rather than a local police state check. Detailed information from the US State Department is at http://www.asktheconsul.org/E2ec07.htm

To get the FBI CBC the person making the request will need a cover letter and fingerprint card. These forms and information can be found at http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/background-checks or http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cjisd/fprequest.htm

United Kingdom - an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check is needed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are in the UK, your school should have done one for you but it needs to be less than 1 year old at the time you are leaving the country and we need to have a copy of the CRB on file. If you do not have one, or if it is not recent enough, we can get one for you but it will cost £44 and it will be mailed to you.

If you are in Scotland, contact Disclosure Scotland http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk

United Arab Emirates and other Arab speaking Gulf States - the concept of standardized criminal record clearances does not exist in these countries. We have created several letters written in Arabic that you can take with you to the police station which asks for some kind of document that demonstrates you do not have a criminal record in that country.

  • Dubai letter
  • Sharjah letter
  • Abu Dhabi letter
  • All other Arab-speaking countries letter