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Questions About The Interview Process For Teaching Jobs Abroad

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Will I be guaranteed an interview if I apply for a job?

No. We will look at everyones CVs and will select the best candidates for the job. Please be aware, that due to the number of applications that we receive, we will not be able to contact applicants who have not been successful.

On average, how long do the interviews take?

Interviews are normally between 25-45 minutes. Due to all of our schools being international, many of our interviews are conducted on the phone or via skype.

How should I dress for the interviews, especially the skype interviews?

It is very important to make a good first impression, whether it be in person or on skype so please ensure that you are dressed in professional attire.

How do skype interviews work?

You will have created a user name beforehand, which will have been given to the school that you are interviewing with. Your Teachanywhere consultant will be able to help you create a skype name if you have any queries. About 10 minutes beforehand, you will log onto skype and your interviewer will call you at the arranged time.

Will you contact my referees without asking?

No we will always ask for your permission before contacting any of your referees. Please note that we will need to obtain a reference from your most recent employer at some stage in the job process.