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Questions about What to expect from teaching abroad

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Below is a generalised view. Please bear in mind that the salary, benefits and other arrangement can vary between each role and especially in each region.

What are the salaries like in international schools?

Salaries vary a great deal between the schools, countries and regions. In some regions, the equivalent salary may seem smaller compared to what you are already getting. You need to take into consideration that many of the employment packages include accommodation, flights and medical insurance. Salaries are tax free in the Middle East, and you will receive low tax salaries in Asia and the Far East. The cost of living will also vary greatly.

Will I get any benefits?

Some of the things that you could expect in your employment package are; accommodation (single or shared), flights, medical insurance and an end of contract bonus.

How do the holidays work?

It is not normal to be allowed to take holidays during the school time. You will

Will airfares be included?

Again, each school is different. You may have annual return flights, a one-way flight and in some instances the schools will ask for you to pay for your own flight. The school will normally arrange for someone to meet you at the airport once you arrive to ensure that you get to your accommodation safely.

Will medical insurance be included?

A majority of the employment packages include medical insurance coverage. However it is up to you on whether you arrange a private plan for yourself outside of what is covered.

How long will my contract be for?

Generally speaking, your contract will be for two years.