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Leadership opportunities for International Teachers

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There is no single answer for what school leader will be the best fit for each school. The Leadanywhere programme combines our expertise in recruitment with a consultative approach to produce the best result for your school. We will assess your needs and attract the right leader for your school through our thorough search and selection processes, as well as be there for support and guidance before, through and after the process. We will help you to find the right school leader who will easily integrate with your staff, children, location, school ethos and curricula.

Recruiting a school leader is one of the most important tasks of a school owner or board. Having the right leader for your school can result in well-educated children, low staff turnover, satisfied parents and increased enrolment, as well as increased prestige. Having the wrong leader for your school can be financially and pedagogically devastating, causing damage from which you will need years to recover.

The Leadanywhere process

Assessing your needs

One of the Leadanywhere consultants will meet with you to find out about your school, your challenges and your goals in order to match prospective candidates on three dimensions:

  • Country fit - to determine match points based on factors such as culture, Ministry of Education and immigration requirements, cost of living and local conditions
  • School fit - to determine match points based on school history, ethos, curricula, goals and objectives
  • Position fit - to determine match points based on specific competencies and leadership styles required

Teachanywhere's three point matching insures that all stakeholders are involved and an objective person specification is developed.

Search and Selection

Attracting the right leader requires the development of a large pool of candidates from which to choose. Because Teachanywhere works with hundreds of schools around the world, and is part of the Randstad network of companies, we have a wide variety of resources at our disposal.

Teachanywhere will develop a bespoke advertising strategy based on the needs of your school which can include not only print and online advertisements as well as have access to our database of over 20,000 candidates. Statistically, only 1 in 5 people are looking for a post at any one time, so we will further embark on executive searches domestically and internationally to reach the 80% of the market which is not aware of your vacancy. Further, Teachanywhere's marketing experts can help you to best position your opportunity to appeal to candidates most suitable to your post.

Candidates will be fully screened, referenced and criminal checked to assess their suitability. Our process will be completely transparent to you. Our proactive search will allow you to fine-tune, modify or adapt your approach should market feedback dictate. There will be no surprises, no alarms, and therefore no disappointments.

Once candidates have been personally selected to your requirements, our consultants will be on hand to take you through and help you to understand the various assessment methods. From here you will be able to develop the best assessment and selection strategy to suit your budget.


Recognising that international school leadership is a complex task, we offer complementary aftercare consultancy and guidance which can be accessed by both the new school leader and the board in order to make your new leader as successful as possible in your school. Developed by an ex-Principal who is also an experienced school inspector, our Leadanywhere Aftercare programme recognises that successful schools are comprised of a clear and comfortable partnership between the various stakeholders.

In addition, Teachanywhere will:

  1. Market the school to parents and the wider community to meet the financial goals of the board
  2. Manage and modify the curriculum in ways that promote student learning in the cultural and financial context of the school
  3. The ability to work effectively within your international cultural context - with your board, staff, parents and children.


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