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Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools are a group of 15 existing schools in Kazakhstan growing to 20 by 2014. They are state funded and very selective, aiming to educate the future intellectual elite of this prosperous and highly literate country. The schools are currently in the major cities such as Astana, Uralsk, Semey, Kokshetau, Ust-Kamanogorsk, Taldykorgan/Almaty. Uniquely, the children in Nazarbayev Intellectual schools (NIS) are educated in a tri-lingual environment in Kazakh, Russian and English. Most NIS schools are for children aged 12 to 18.

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) are a part of a wider programme of educational reform, which includes the establishment of Nazarbayev University, the Centre for Educational Excellence and further initiatives to focus on teacher training and development. Named after the president of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the NIS schools are intended to change the way education is delivered to gifted and talented secondary (high school) aged children. Besides teaching their subject, teachers involved in this project are also expected to informally mentor local Kazakh teachers and introduce best practice especially with respect to critical thinking and co-curricular activities.

Class sizes are small, between 11 and 22 pupils, and the purpose built schools are new and equipped with student laptops, electronic smart-boards and state of the art facilities.

The academic year is 40 weeks with 36 weeks of instruction and four weeks of professional development and associated duties. The school year runs approximately from September to June. The duties of international teachers include:

  • Conducting classes in English in your area of specialisation to students at NIS
  • Mentoring local teachers informally and presenting them with best practice in your area of expertise. This could include providing master classes, observing their lessons, etc
  • Contributing to curriculum development
  • Preparing students for university entrance tests
  • Organising courses on critical thinking
  • Organising cultural and social events for students
  • Running co-curricular activities

NIS are recruiting for the following subjects at Secondary/High School level:

English language Biology Creative arts
Mathematics Physics Arts
Chemistry Information technology Critical Thinking
History Librarian Team Leaders


Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must have a Bachelors degree and teacher training such as a PGCE, PGDE or Bachelors of Education or equivalent.
  • Candidates with Masters degrees or PhDs are particularly welcomed and experience/training to teach children for whom English is not the first language is desired.
  • Candidates should have 3 years of recent experience teaching one of the subjects above at secondary / high school level in a regular classroom environment.
  • Candidates should be a native English speaker with high levels of English proficiency, both written and oral
  • There is an age limit of 59 for a visa in Kazahkstan, however candidates will be required to pass a medical screening if successful at interview

Please note: Candidates will be screened by Teachanywhere and we will need to obtain recent, good teaching references from recent teaching supervisors. Candidates will be asked to obtain or produce a recent, appropriate criminal record check for work with children or vulnerable people (CRB, FBI, Guarda, RCMP, etc).

Because these are new schools working within a relatively new concept, teachers who apply to this programme must be personally flexible and adaptable with a high tolerance for uncertainty whilst also possessing top notch subject knowledge and teaching skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers who like to be involved in the beginning of a project and to set the stage for those who arrive after, rather than teachers who would prefer a finished product.

The employment package:

  • 1 year contract paying 4,000 USD salary per month. A monthly bonus of USD 1,000 USD will be paid to teachers working in a regional school. Salary is subject to negotiation and will be based on qualifications and experience.
  • Salary is paid once per each month on a timely basis in twelve equal instalments.**
  • Travel expenses shall be reimbursed twice a year for economy class flights to the working place and back on actual expenditures, in the amount of not more than 2,500 USD for one way flight, including taxes, stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Accommodation including utility bills in the amount from 610 USD up to no more than 1,100 USD per month shall be covered by the employer*** and paid directly to the landlord. Housing is provided upon arrival.
  • All employees shall be covered by the basic health care provided by the company's appointed medical insurance scheme. Medical evacuation is included in the insurance package.
  • One time allowance of $2,000 USD for settling arrangements at the new location, the shipment and insurance of personal household goods and belongings.
  • All employees are eligible for the paid winter break (December - January) and approximately 6 weeks during summer time.
  • Paid sick leave provided according to the local legislation.
  • Multiple one-year work visa fee is paid in full. Supporting documents to obtain a work visa will be provided.
  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure.
  • Training in Russian and\or Kazakh languages.
  • Expenses related to study of the children on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the amount of 4,000 USD per year, adjusted for taxation under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

** The 10% personal income tax is deducted automatically from monthly paycheck

***Non taxable benefits

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How To Apply:

Teachanywhere is a strategic recruitment partner of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and you are required to be screened by us before your application will be considered. Direct applications by non-Kazakh teachers will not be considered.

If you satisfy the requirements for these posts:

  1. Please email your CV/Resume with a full work history including from/to dates with month and year for your previous teaching positions and education history to NIS@teachanywhere.com
  2. Send the Application form and Medical Questionnaire to NIS@teachanywhere.com
  3. You will be contacted by a Teachanywhere recruitment consultant for a phone interview and screening
  4. If you are successful, you will be asked to provide documentation including copies of your degree, teaching certificate, a copy of your passport and a recent criminal record check/police check. If you do not have an up to date police check your consultant can advise you on how to obtain a new one.
  5. Your references will be checked by Teachanywhere. Your referees should be your previous supervisors, such as Principal/Head Teacher or Vice Principal/Deputy Head, covering at least the past 3 years.
  6. Teachanywhere will then submit the full application package to NIS and if you are selected for interview with NIS, will arrange the interview with you.
  7. If you are to be offered a post you will receive a letter of offer as well as information on next steps from NIS.

"The priority in the sphere of education will be placed on the projects akin to those established and successfully operating in Astana - "New International University", "Special Fund", and "Intellectual Schools". These one-of-the-kind academic institutions will bear my name. It is our mission to ensure that these schools are at the forefront in preparing the next generation of global-minded leaders in Kazakhstan, key platforms for testing and development of up-to-date academic programs and further introduction in the country."

Extract from the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Nation (Astana, 29 January 2010)