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Overview of Europe

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The eiffel tower at sunset

Europe has something for everyone. You will find breathtaking natural wonders, stunning architecture, world class fashion designers, amazing history and much more.

Many European schools require a European Union passport or other right to work. Very few schools can sponsor a work permit for a non-EU teacher. Almost all European schools require training and experience teaching native English-speaking children, and complete English fluency is essential. Knowledge of the local language, whilst helpful, is not usually a requirement.

Culture and history

Europe is a region steeped in amazing history. Around every corner in every city you will come across architecture, art and streets with alluring charm and history. Europe has been the bearer of great scientists, philosophers, artists and designers and you will find evidence of this throughout your travels and visits across Europe. There are the Roman Forums, the amazing canals of Venice, Athens - the birthplace of democracy, renaissance themed buildings in Florence and the history of concentration camps in places such as Auschwitz in Poland.


The climate varies widely throughout Europe. Summers in the north are mild while winters can be cold and wet, whereas south of the Alps summers can be hot and dry and winters damp and cool. Generally speaking, it is relatively mild but there are certain extremes in the different geographical areas.

What kind of activities can I do while I am there?

Europe has it all, and with so many stunning countries to choose from the opportunities are endless. Walking, hiking, swimming, diving, sailing, watersports, skiing, tubing, snowboarding, tobogganing, hot air ballooning, beach hopping, paragliding, cycling, mountain biking, wine tasting, olive oil tasting; the list is endless.

Teaching in Europe - what to expect in an employment package

Salaries in Europe are generally very good. The benefits do vary greatly between regions, and is calculated on a case by case basis. It is best to speak about this with your consultant.

Is it safe?

Europe is generally a very safe place in which to visit, live and travel. You do, however, need to be vigilant of the likes of pick pockets in highly populated tourist areas.

Where can I go for my holidays and weekends away?

You have the whole of Europe right on your doorstep with endless travel opportunities to choose from. Should you fancy a big city break you can visit the likes of London, Berlin, Stockholm, Rome, Paris and Vienna. If you are more interested in getting away from the cities and back to nature then you have the Swiss and French Alps to explore, Portugal's gorgeous coastal towns, or the white sand beaches of Greece, Croatia, Spain, France and Italy.

Benefits and Restrictions

Middle East Africa Europe Far East
Tax Free Yes Varies No Varies
Low Free Varies Yes No Yes
Housing Yes Yes No Yes
Flights Yes Yes Varies Yes
Bonus Yes Varies No Varies
Contract (years) 2+ 2+ 1 2+
Unmarried Partners No Yes Yes Varies
Pets No No Varies No
Dependents Varies Varies Varies Varies
Age Related Visa Restriction Yes No No Yes
EU Passport Required No No Yes No
In Europe In the UK
2,100/month (25,000 annual) 2500/month (30,000 annual)
520 Tax and NI 665 Tax and NI
300-600 Rent 500 Rent or Mortgage
25 Utilities 50 Utilities
= 955 - 1255 /month = 1,210/month