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Teaching in Latin America

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Latin America, South and Central America is one of the fastest growing areas for tourism anywhere in the world and where tourists go; it is almost inevitable that expatriates will want to stay! With a teaching degree you have perhaps one of the most internationally transferable qualifications in the world.

This is a huge and very diverse continent with so much to choose from it is too difficult to give the pros and cons for each country, however some of the obvious highlights include the Andes, the Amazon and immaculate picturesque beaches. So whether you are tango-dancing in Buenos Aires, Carnival in Rio, wine tasting in Chile or drinking a Pisco Sour in Lima, the list of possibilities is endless. In fact, whatever lifestyle choices you decide are important to you are probably available and on your doorstep in this amazing continent.

You also have some of the best diverse international schools in the world here too. Whether you wish to work in a British Curriculum school, American Curriculum school or an IB Curriculum school, Teachanywhere can probably help find the right place for you.

What are schools looking for?

  • A bachelor of education or a postgraduate teaching degree
  • 2 years' teaching experience as a minimum to satisfy visa requirements
  • International Baccalaureate experience is a plus


  • A background in, or an understanding of the curriculum that the school uses(e.g. English National Curriculum/American AP)
  • Experience of working in an international school using IB Curriculum is an advantage for most schools
  • Experience or an understanding of Latin American culture and language
  • If you are married it is better that your partner is a teacher for most locations or has a transferable occupation and speaks Spanish/Portuguese
  • You do not need to know Spanish or Portuguese to work at the school as all subjects are taught in English, even if the school serves a local population. However out of school you will find knowledge of the local language to be a necessity. Most schools will provide their teachers with free language tuition because of this

The Package

In return for your expertise the schools offer excellent packages. The standard/cost of living in Latin America is extremely cheap (sometimes about 1/3 cheaper than the UK) and so your money stretches that much further, although teachers with a mortgage or significant debts may find Latin America a struggle.

Salaries can range from US $25,000 to 45,000 for a teacher and up to $60,000 for a post of responsibility depending on the school and location.

  • You will get a great salary, usually paid part in local currency (but fixed to inflation so that you do not lose out) and part in Dollars or Sterling. Some schools have an end of contract bonus and some pay a pension scheme contribution
  • Your accommodation is also paid for or provided by the school. These are good quality apartments or flats in a safe, affluent and highly desirable location normally close to the school
  • You are often given a settling-in allowance and help once you arrive to get used to your new home and surroundings
  • The school also pays for your medical insurance for you and your family
  • The school will provide you (and your family) with a return ticket to your home destination at the beginning and end of your contract
  • If you have children of school age they are provided with a free or highly subsidised rate
  • Contracts are usually 2 years long, many teachers renew at least once