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Teaching in Thailand

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Thai Grand Palace

What to expact as a teacher in Thailand

Thailand has long allowed locals to attend international schools and most international schools have a strong Thai population. Those teaching in Thailand find that their students are academically motivated and parents are very interested in academic outcomes as well. Thailand is a friendly and welcoming country that has become quite a magnet for tourists and teachers alike. Teachers must usually have at least 2 years of post-qualification experience to land a job in Thailand, and those wishing to teach in Thailand should spend extra time fixing up their CVs so they stand out.

About Thailand

Capital: Bangkok
Language: Thai
Population: 43.5 million

Thailand is well known for its crystal clear waters, golden sand beaches, warm weather and its friendly people.

Thailand is located in South East Asia and borders Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar), with many other fantastic travel opportunities across the Far East and South East Asia. Thailand is a fabulous and welcoming country for westerners, with a well established tourist industry.

Thai food is a big drawcard. You will find amazing traditional freshly cooked street food on almost every corner. In the bigger cities, you will also find some of the western fastfood chains if you want a taste of home as well.


The temperatures do vary across Thailand, but generally speaking the weather in Thailand is quite warm and tropical. The rainy season runs from July through to August.


The list of activities, landscapes, food and adventures across Thailand is endless. Just a small list of options include jungle treks, biking, swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, sailing, elephant parks, palaces, cooking classes, go and watch some Thai kick boxing and wildlife watching.


Travelling in between cities in Thailand is relatively cheap, and there are normally a few options which will depend on your budget and the amount of time that you have. Around Thailand you will find choices of planes, trains, buses, ferries, rental cars and taxis. Thailand is easily accessible. Many different airlines fly into Bangkok on a daily basis, and from all around the world. You can also come from many of Thailands� bordering countries; Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar via bus or train

Eating and Drinking

Thailand is very well known for its vast array of different foods, whether it is in the markets or street food stalls, in food courts while shopping or in the fancy restaurants � your taste buds will be in for a treat. Thai food is generally spicy with coriander found in most meals. Some well known Thai meals are Tom yam soup, Red or Green curry and Pad Thai.


The currency in Thailand is the Baht or THB.

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