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Teaching in Qatar

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What to expect as a teacher in Qatar

Qatar, like its neighbour the United Arab Emirates, has a variety of international schools from those primarily attended by host nationals to those almost exclusively for expatriates, and everything in between. As a rapidly growing country that is investing in education, you can expect that the Qatar of yesterday will not be the same as Qatar of today or tomorrow. Because of the pace of growth you will find many new schools amongst a handful of well established schools, offering opportunities for many. Teaching in Qatar has many of the same facets as teaching in the United Arab Emirates, though currently on a slightly smaller scale. It should be noted that Qatar is investing significantly in many aspects of its infrastructure making it a truly exciting place in which to become immersed.

Employment packages provide a tax free salary and furnished housing, as well as flights yearly, medical insurance and end of contract bonuses. Housing is typically single, rather than shared, in Qatar and often a bit larger than you will find in the popular UAE Emirates of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Salaries in Qatar are often 10 to 15% higher than for most comparable schools in Dubai.

It should be noted that Qatar is investing significantly in many aspects of its infrastructure making it a truly exciting place in which to become immersed.

About Qatar

Capital: Doha
Language: Arabic
Population: 1.4 million

Qatar is an up and coming country in the Middle East. Due to its recent discovery of offshore gas deposits, Qatar's star continues to rise.

Boasting sunshine all year round, a great variety of outdoor activities, beautiful beaches as well as history and culture, Qatar has quickly become a popular expatriate as well as tourist destination. Qatar offers a nice balance between the fast paced life of Dubai and the traditional culture of the Middle East with an array of western social clubs arranging activities and events for all expatriates - making it a very close knit community.

Qatar has recently won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, showing that Qatar's infrastructure and transport will only continue to improve.


Qatar is hot and humid. From June - August, Qatar experiences temperatures well into the late 40s, with the rest of the year being quite pleasant and much more bearable.


Qatar has a bit of everything. You can relax in one of the many parks, visit one of the many golden sand beaches, go exploring in the desert or even go camping overnight. If you want to get on the water, you can go sailing, diving and snorkeling. On land, you can join clubs for Badminton, Baseball, Fencing, Golf, Hashing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, and the list continues.

Eating and Drinking

The traditional food in Qatar is usually meats with rice, however you will still find the usual western style food outlets.

You can buy alcohol in restaurants, but drinking in public is definitely not allowed with there being some potentially severe consequences if you are caught doing so.


The main form of transport in Qatar are taxis, limousines and buses. You can have your own car but you need to be wary of the erratic drivers around you. It is very close to Bahrain and Dubai. If travelling by plane, you will arrive into Doha, Qatar's capital where there are plenty of travel opportunities available.

Dress code

Even though respect for the local customs is always presumed of you, western clothing is accepted. It is recommended that you steer clear of sleeveless tops and skirts/dresses/shorts that are above the knee.


The currency in Qatar is the Qatar Riyal or QR.

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