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Our International Teams

The Teachanywhere team is globally located for your convenience, with offices in the UK, Canada, South Africa, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.
Our unique approach to recruitment ensures we can dedicate the time required to provide an outstanding service level to our clients. Our business managers are focused on understanding clients' needs and building strong professional relationships while our team of international consultants are sourcing a vast pool of qualified candidates from around the world. We work together in matching and securing the finest candidates for your school.
Matthew Peck - Client Business Manager

Matthew Peck has 15 years' experience in educational recruitment both in the UK and internationally. As an ex teacher who has lived and worked internationally, he has comprehensive market knowledge which he draws upon to satisfy his regional client base with efficiency and care. Matthew works closely with international schools and Ministries of Education and is dedicated to ensuring an outstanding level of customer service is delivered to each individual client.  
Our team of recruitment consultants are employed for their expertise in international education, many of whom have lived and worked in the regions and schools we recruit for. They have a clear understanding of the benefits and challenges of relocating and teaching overseas and are best placed to support and advise your teachers through every step of the process. They build strong relationships with our candidates to ensure employment is honoured and secured. 

If you would like to secure the best teaching professionals for your school, contact our specialist recruitment teams now!

For global enquiries, please contact:

Matthew Peck, Business Manager

mp@teachanywhere.com OR asia@teachanywhere.com

Tel: +44 (0) 207 255 0855+44 (0) 207 255 0855