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At Teachanywhere, we are a business built on recommendations. Don't just take our word if it, take a look at what some of our clients say about us.

Richard Woods - Principal Unity High School, Sudan

"As a School Principal I have been working with Teach Anywhere for over five years in two different parts of Africa. I have always found Teach Anywhere consultants to be hard-working, friendly and organized. Whenever they have sent me CV's for vacancies, they have always obviously worked hard to find people who have matched the school's person specification and requirements. When we have appointed candidates from Teach Anywhere they have proved without exception to be good colleagues, hard workers and strong practitioners at levels from senior administrators to classroom teachers, and everything in between. In the international market, where a wrong appointment can lead to a great deal of difficulty for a school, any school can be confident that Teach Anywhere provides quality work and represents excellent value for money." 

Donna Ferguson, Assistant Principal of Macau Anglican College, Macau Special Administrative Region

“Our school was in need of teachers late in the hiring season last year, so we turned to the Teachanywhere team. The team was very responsive to our needs, and selected several suitable candidates for us to interview. They helped set up interview times and answered our queries in a timely and an effective way. Good communication was going on among all interested parties. Teachanywhere also offered the school a special introductory rate for the placement of any teachers on our staff. 

I am happy to recommend this recruitment group to anyone searching for an efficient, effective, professional team."

Tammam Abushakra, Advisor to the Chairman, Esol Education

"Esol Education enjoys a longstanding and highly productive relationship with TeachAnywhere. For over a decade the London-based firm has provided excellent professional support and service to Esol Education in its efforts to find and hire the best possible teachers for its schools in the UAE, Egypt, and elsewhere. Some of our best teachers have come to us through TeachAnywhere."

Elaine Whelan, Head of School, Utahloy International School, China

"It is my pleasure to recommend Teachanywhere as an outstanding agency specialising in the recruitment of teachers for international schools. We have used their services regularly for the past five years and can confirm Teachanywhere provides qualified and experienced candidates of a consistently high caliber. Applicants are screened before being sent for our consideration. I also appreciate the references provided with each prospect, which reduces our workload significantly.

Over the five years I have used Teachanywhere's services, I have had the opportunity to interview candidates in Melbourne, Wellington and London after arranging for face-to-face interviews through Teachanywhere. I am grateful for the thorough and flexible service they provide to our school. It is much more than an electronic mailout and an agent on the end of the phone, it is a personalised service that meets the needs of our school and results in quality teachers being placed in our classrooms.

Teachanywhere assigns a manager to each school. We are fortunate to have one of the best recruitment agents assigned to our school for over five years. She is attentive to every detail in the recruitment process and is proactive in searching for a good match to meet our requirements. Our recruitment needs range over the school year as we often need to bring in teachers mid-year at short notice. In those instances, our agent works diligently to settle the problem quickly and effectively.

I highly recommend Teachanywhere to you as a worldwide recruitment agency that provides a superb customer service and high caliber teaching staff."