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Here's what some of the teachers we have placed have had to say about their new experiences working in international countries abroad.

Aliviana Sanders

"Everything is wonderful! I love Dasman and I started my first week of teaching on Sunday. Our start date got pushed back 2 weeks so we had lots of time to prepare. Thanks for checking in!"

Dianne Hamilton

"Thanks for touching base with me! I am doing fantastic and loving living over here. The school system is very different from back home in Canada but I am getting used to all the rules and procedures and having a great time. The kindergarten kids are adorable and are learning English so fast. Everything is great."

Emily Schuler

"I'm so busy! Things are wonderful. The people here are kind, welcoming, and professional. The processes are a bit different (Kuwaiti time is really different!) and everyone really just goes with the flow. It can be frustrating, but there's really nothing to do about it. We're all adjusting. My students are so much fun. I have a few chatty issues, but nothing too bad. Inter grade level communication is encouraged, and it's nice knowing that other teachers see the same groups as much as I do. One of the master teachers here has really been helpful in sharing her ideas about the girls. Kuwait is definitely different, but I think I was well prepared, because it's exactly what I expected it to be! A few little things can be jarring at times, but on the whole I haven't had culture shock."

Kate Lynn Guhue

"So far everything has been going great. I really love the city, and the school is pretty good too. It is most certainly different than teaching back home, but I am really enjoying the challenges of it. Turns out I'm not teaching grade 2 and 3 art instead of 1 and 2, but that's okay since my art lessons can be a bit more sophisticated then. I have 27 classes, and over 700 students. As I only get each class for about 40minutes a week. However, the kids are real sweet over here, and have been all over the world! It's crazy to here about all the places they've been, and the things they do. To be honest though, out of the 700 children I only have 1 student out of all of them that is a particularly difficult behaviour wise. Again, please feel free to email me at anytime if you'd like to have me update you on anything, or like to know anything about the school or how it runs! I really appreciate that you have followed up on me, and I do hope that you keep in touch!!"

Corinne Mawhinney

"Things are going well in Dubai, I feel very settled here already which is fantastic. It's a pretty amazing city with lots going on, once you know where to look for it :)
So far the school is grand, nowhere is perfect and there are definitely things that they could change to make life a bit easier but generally I think that I will be happy working here. I've found SMT very approachable and helpful which is fantastic. We've got an IB MYP accreditation visit next month so everything is MYP MYP MYP, but that's fine us newbies are learning fast :) Most of us new teachers seem to be happy with our move and new life here, most of us getting on well with each other, it's so important to have a good support system and so far we're all managing to be that for each other."




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