In today’s world of tapping, liking and swiping, making sure that your digital presence is just as good as your CV is key. Doing this is at the core of what modern job searchers refer to as ‘creating a personal brand’ - in other words, building a strong professional online profile which showcases your skills, expertise and personality in the best way possible. Doing so will go hand-in-hand with an excellent CV and interview style, meaning that your dream job will be one step closer.

So, what is your online digital presence? Well, if you’ve ever Googled yourself, it’s likely that you’ll know! These same search results are usually what recruiters will see when conducting candidate research, so it’s important to understand how to take control of this and show employers what you want them to see. And, doing just this is easier than you think. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to enable you to work out where your professional strengths lie, and then translate them into a powerful online profile. 

Step one: sort out your social media!

90% of recruiters and hiring managers have said that they’ll visit a potential candidate's profile on a social network as part of the screening process. So, make sure that your privacy settings are as secure as they can be, and any embarrassing photos or posts are well hidden - Reppler found that 69% of recruiters rejected a candidate because of something they saw on a social networking site.

Step two: create a compelling professional profile

By doing this, you will greatly optimise your personal brand. By building a Linkedin profile, or a blog or personal website, you can create compelling content and distribute it to potential influencers, spread the word about your skills and reap the rewards.

With a personal page like this, you can take someone straight to great content, and show what sets your work apart from everyone else’s. Whatever you decide to write about, this places you in control of the message you send to employers and the material you give them access to. You’ll also be more likely to appear credible to hiring managers. 

Step three: network, network, network

Once you’ve created your professional page, you’ll be able to interact with relevant people and companies, that lead the way in your chosen field. You’ll never know when having strong connections like these will benefit you.

Step four: work smarter, not harder

You can utilise social media to help in your job search, too! 90% of recruiters post jobs on Linkedin and Facebook, and once you’ve ensured that your profiles are up to scratch, why not apply for your next great role?

Step five: be inspiring

Keep up-to-date with latest industry news and educational trends, so that you can impress with your knowledge when interacting with an employer, both online and in person. This way, you’ll prove your passion for the role and highlight your credibility.

Created a great online brand and ready to start your next role? Submit your CV here and kickstart your journey to teach the world and live the dream.