My name’s Aaron and I’ve been working with Teachanywhere for a couple of years now as an International Recruitment Consultant… 

Before I started here I had quite an eclectic career journey - working in 5 different countries across industries from hospitality to sales and marketing via stand-up comedy (yes, stand-up comedy. No, don’t ask me to tell you a joke) and some recruitment work in a different sector. However, looking back on the meanderings of my work history perhaps the most influential thing I did - the thing that most shaped my personality, gave me confidence and helped me grow as a person - was international teaching.

My teaching journey

I was not a fully qualified teacher so just did TEFL work but I taught in both Poland and Indonesia, and even though they were completely different locations I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. What they did have in common was the feeling that I was making a difference, that I was helping people improve themselves and at the same time improving myself. I was learning languages (I’d not really cared for languages in school but suddenly I couldn’t get enough of them). I was trying foods I’d never heard of and learning to make them myself. I was learning about cultures and individuals and teaching them not only to speak English but about the world.

Seeing a spark of inspiration in someone’s eyes after spending time with them made me jump out of bed in the mornings, and using every bit of time off to travel and explore was just second nature. I made new friends that will be friends for life no matter how long it’ll be until we see each other again….it wasn’t just that I could be myself but (as cheesy as it sounds) I could find out who I was.

Back in the UK

So, 5 years and 3 countries later, I was back in the UK having been working in recruitment for a year and a half I was looking for a new role and trying to work out the next step - I was good at my job but really was looking for fulfilment - then I came across the job at Teachanywhere and had that lightbulb moment. I called up Randstad’s internal recruiter and told her she had to get me an interview. Spoiler alert - I got the job, and 2 years later I’m still here.

The main part of my role is to take care of the job search of teachers who are looking to work in international schools - this involves finding teachers, reviewing their suitability, talking them through their options, creating a profile for them (getting references, working on CVs and other documents), arranging interviews, giving interview preparation advice, explaining job offers and contracts, and helping them to decide whether a job offer is right for them.

But my job really doesn’t stop there. I’ll provide a lot of ‘after care’ wherever it’s required, which can be anything from emotional support to helping with the practicalities of visa applications. I’ll research schools and locations, and I’ll keep in touch with the candidates I’ve placed so I know how their experience has gone. I’ll move my working hours around to fit those before school, after school and distant time zone calls in. I pride myself on going the extra mile and I do that without my manager (who’s lovely) ‘cracking the whip’...I do it because I love the job.

Making dreams come true

I’m not pretending it’s all perfect. For a start, anyone who works with people will tell you the frustrations it brings and when people let you down (think pulling out all the stops to get someone an interview at a great school, only to have them miss it and then ignore all your calls and emails). It really does test you, but the end product - changing people’s lives - really does make it worth it.

The last time I counted (after 18 months) I’d placed over 90 teachers into schools in over 15 countries. I’ve had people cry with joy when I’ve told them about their job offer. I’ve helped people get promotions. I’ve got people pay rises. I’ve helped people with families get jobs that include sending their children to some of the best schools in the world as an employment benefit. I’ve sent people who wanted an adventure to rainforests and remote islands and people who wanted a big city to the world’s biggest and best.

Forgive me for going all cheesy again, but I’ve made dreams come true and I like to think I’ve made the world a better place. So when I weigh it up, dealing with the occasional bit of frustration and some changeable working hours is totally worth it… I love my job.

I’m going to stop writing this and get back to sending teachers on adventures, but if you’re a qualified teacher with an interest in working internationally get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help. My email address is

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