China is a vast country which dominates the Far East, and is home to many different cultures, landscapes and climates. Known for its exciting wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and staggering skylines, it presents many exciting opportunities for any teacher looking to work abroad. 

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 reasons why China should be top of your list when you’re looking for that perfect new international role:
  1. The schools in China are known for achieving excellent results across all subjects, with their culture of hard work. You’ll get the chance to help your students work to achieve just this
  2. China borders with a staggering 16 other countries, which include Russia, India and Vietnam. Depending on which part of China you choose to settle in, the opportunities for travel are extensive
  3. It boasts 11th longest shoreline in the world, offering panoramic views, great beaches and extensive sealife
  4. Alongside the coastline, the landscape of China is hugely varied, with mountain ranges and low-lying cities. Plus, there are many exciting landmarks to explore, such as the famous Great Wall of China
  5. The local cuisine is varied and interesting, great for any food lovers looking to try new things
  6. The locals are known for their kindness and hospitable culture, meaning that your transition into living in a new country will be made easier
  7. Your social life will thrive - there are a wide variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, operas and exhibitions to visit. There really is something for everyone
  8. There are 120 major cities in China, including the well-known Beijing and Shanghai, offering endless opportunities for exploration in your free time. 
  9. The wildlife and nature is stunning - because of the range of climates and landscapes, there are many different habitats home to plants and animals, including the pink dolphin (also known as the white Chinese dolphin), the red panda and the giant panda
  10. You can live in luxury for less - great apartments in the heart of Chinese cities are very reasonably priced, meaning that you’ll be able to make the most of your salary

Picturing yourself here? If you think that living in a thriving country with incredible landscapes and diverse cultures, whilst encouraging your students to achieve great results is exactly what you want out of your next role, then get in touch today.