Egypt. A spectacularly picturesque country filled with cultural gems. It’s got it all: towering pyramids, panoramic beaches, exciting local culture and fantastic teaching opportunities. It’s an ideal location for experienced educators to move to, to kickstart a whole new career direction. If you choose to work here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore every aspect of the country, whilst inspiring the next generation of learners: what’s not to love?

But, what is it about Egypt that makes it such a great place to move to for work? We’ve put together a list of our top 10 reasons why you should do just this, to give you a flavour of what could be yours.

Welcome to Egypt - top 10 reasons to travel here for work:
  1. Of the Arab world, it’s got the richest range landscapes, history, antiques and archaeology to explore - you’ll never have a dull day!
  2. Immerse yourself in the local culture, and search for treasures in the Khan al-Khalili, one of the Middle East’s largest bazaars, and a paradise for anyone who loves a good bargain
  3. You’ll be able to make the most of your salary. Cost of living is low, and transport and food is cheap
  4. The city of Cairo is the most vibrant and cosmopolitan in the region, offering a unique opportunity to explore the blending of traditional practices with the modern world
  5. It is full of history, from the Great Pyramids of Giza in the north to the Great Temple of Ramses II of Abu Simbel in the south
  6. But, the modern western world isn’t too far away, with a busy lifestyle of hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars and casinos. There’s also many opportunities to belly dance, if you fancy learning a new skill!
  7. The coast boasts some of the best diving in the world, with stunning coral reefs and endless sea life to explore
  8. The skyline is stunning: there are mountain ranges in Sinai full of canyons, rugged landscapes, springs and hidden oases, which are great for camping and walking
  9. It’s also home to the Great Western Desert, an area of great beauty, featuring unique rock formations, oases and desert plains
  10. From Egypt, it’s easy to get to other parts of Africa and the eastern Mediterranean for holidays and weekend trips away

Like the sound of this? If you think that Egypt could be your destination of choice, take a look at the current vacancies we’ve got on offer here.