Even after its tourism boom over recent decades, Egypt manages to retains mystique and intrigue like no other country in Africa and remains one of the most historically significant nations and people on Earth.

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Egypt is a visually and culturally stunning country with a wealth of artefacts and internationally recognised monuments pointing to its ancient history. Set in north Africa, Egypt has strong links to nearby Europe allowing for travel to the continent. The high security levels in Egypt allow for workers to lead a western lifestyle. A cheap cost of living allows for relative luxury and with well established international schools in the country teachers will find opportunities to suit their experience.

Teaching in Egypt


With most international schools out in the city suburbs, teaching here is far safer than most imagine. This is the perfect location for a heady mix of historical culture and cheap western living affording great saving potential.  Where else would a plumber call out rate be less than $2 USD?

Teachanywhere will find you credible international options in career progressing schools.  Let us help you to understand just what a great opportunity teaching in Egypt can be.


Travel Highlights


Witness ancient history - The pyramids in Cairo are one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities houses the treasures of Tutankhamen.

Cruise The Nile - Take in all the sights and scenes from the most famous river in the world.

Visit Red Sea - A paradise for divers, the Red Sea has luxury hotel resorts, a thriving nightlife, millions of exotic fish and impressive corals.

Haggle - Like most locations in the region, haggling is way of everyday life.

Cairo travel options - Cairo has a metro system but if you’re struggling for a ride, hire an Uber! If you do drive, remember: the car in front is always right!

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