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Teachanywhere is the official provider to the Hong Kong Education Bureau of trained teachers to their Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) programmes for teachers based in Australia and New Zealand.


About the NET programme

Native Speaking English Teachers have been employed at state schools in Hong Kong since 1998. Considered as integral to the education system in Hong Kong, which recognises both Cantonese and English as the regions two official languages, there are now hundreds of English speaking teachers employed each year at both Primary (PNET) and Secondary (SNET) levels. 

The programme aims to both provide an authentic English teaching and learning environment for students, and also to share and promote innovation in teaching to meet the needs of local student. PNETs and SNETs work at only one school but are encouraged to network and share best practice amongst peers throughout Hong Kong. 

Find out more about the project and requirements to apply by clicking on the appropriate link:

Recruitment of Primary NETs

Recruitment of Secondary NETs


Accommodation in Hong Kong

Most teachers in Hong Kong live in apartments, which are usually smaller than in Australia and New Zealand. Teachers receive a cash allowance of HK$19,081 (AUD$ 2820) per month to assist with housing, which can be expensive. Teachers are helped by their schools to arrange housing upon arrival. 


Contract length

Contracts in the NET programme are 2 years, renewable.



Teachers are reimbursed for round trip airfare from their home country to Hong Kong once per 2 year contract. Teachers with accompanying families will be reimbursed for up to 4 dependent family members. 


Relocation Allowance

All teachers receive a relocation allowance to assist with the cost of moving belongings to Hong Kong, which is granted upon arrival.



Teachers are given a stipend with which to buy medical insurance once in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a very high standard of medical care, with one of the highest life expectancies and one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Hong Kong offers more than 10 private hospitals and more than 50 public hospitals. There are also polyclinics that offer primary care services, including dentistry. Teachers will be required to pass a medical exam as part of the visa process, and should declare any pre-existing conditions to their Teachanywhere representative to insure that this does not affect their visa or coverage by medical insurance. 



Salaries are paid monthly in Hong Kong dollars, based on years of relevant experience, and the entry point on the scale is determined by how closely teachers match the ideal educational criteria for each programme. Teachers who match the ideal (Categories 1, 2 and 3) criteria enter at a higher point and can achieve higher salaries than teachers who are placed in lower categories. The categories are explained in the PNET and SNET pages. A range of salaries is listed below, but it is important for teachers to know that salaries will not be fully determined until after the educational review. 

Tax rates in Hong Kong are very low by OECD standards. Salaries of NETs are taxed on an average of 10% and no more than 15%. There is no VAT, sales tax or goods and services (GST) tax.

The basic salary range for PNETS is HK$25,505 to 51,805 per month (AUD$ 4,530 to $9,200 per month).
The basic salary range for SNETS is HK$26,785 to 62,235 per month (AUD$4,760 to $11,055 per month).

These figures do not include allowances for housing, shipping, medical, flights or end of contract gratuity payments.


Application process 

The application process has 5 stages. 

  1. Application to and initial screening by Teachanywhere. This includes review of CV, application form, taking up of references and criminal checks. 
  2. Video interview by HKEB and written test administered by Teachanywhere. Teachanywhere will arrange the video interview and written test which must be done in person. This often takes place in January. 
  3. Review of Qualifications by HKEB. Proof of education including transcripts are submitted after a successful interview to HKEB for review and assessment against their equivalency criteria.
  4. Acceptance into the Pool of Available Teachers. Once a teacher passes the qualification check, they are put into a pool of available teachers for review by all schools needing teachers. Teachers who rank higher on the educational scoring, interview scoring and written test are more likely to be selected first. This usually happens by the end of March, assuming all necessary documents have been provided.
  5. Second interview and Contract by a specific school. Teachers will have a second interview with one or more schools that may wish to hire them. It is often to make sure that the teacher has the specific skills that are being sought and also allows the teacher to ask specific questions about the hours, days of work, expectations and requirements at each particular school. Once hired, the school will help to arrange housing and helps the teacher settle so it's important that the teacher and school feel comfortable with each other. 

The entire process from start to finish can take several months. 

There are different application forms for PNETs and SNETs. Teachers who wish to be considered at both Primary and Secondary level must fill out and submit two applications. It is important to note that the educational criteria for SNETs are slightly higher, with correspondingly higher salaries, and therefore because of the stricter criteria SNETs are often in higher demand with a better chance of being contracted by a school and ultimately joining the NET programme. 

To find out more about the PNET educational criteria click here
To find out more about the SNET educational criteria click here


Visa and other restrictions

Hong Kong has a mandatory retirement age of 60 so teachers cannot be older than 58 by the 17th of August, when their contract starts. 

Candidates with a criminal record should declare this to Teachanywhere so that we can assess the impact of arrests or convictions because certain types of offenses can impact the teachers ability to obtain a visa.

The NET project offers family benefits including flight refunds and family medical, but does not provide private school fees or increased housing allowances for teachers with families, making it financially difficult for some families with higher numbers of dependents to make ends meet if the teacher is the sole breadwinner. Teachers with dependents are encouraged to research and to do their sums before applying to the project. 

Unmarried partners are not catered for under the NET programme and thus will need to obtain their own visa to enter and stay in Hong Kong. 

For more information about teaching in Hong Kong click here.

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