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Librarian - Dubai, August 2019

Curriculum: US
Experience Required: NQTs will be considered
Salary: from 9000AED per month tax free
Sponsorship: Single Teachers
Contract: Two Years

School Aspirations/mission: This thriving school not only enjoys an excellent location in Jumeirah not far from the beach but also a well-resourced, attractive and green campus including a grassy football pitch (not too common in Dubai), sports halls and swimming pools. The school accommodates about 1500 students; segregation by gender is strict reflecting stricter recruitment criteria. Although lower classes are mixed, only female teachers are allowed to teach them. The school is subject to local ministry regulations. Teachers aspiring to achieve a solid grounding in international teaching in a local setting where English is not the first language will thrive, benefiting hugely from the potential for development that this local fee paying school has to offer. This is a good opportunity for professional growth for successful applicants. NQTs will find a nurturing environment to develop alongside committed professionals, achieving real progress as they make a valid contribution to school life.

Requirements: Librarian with BA or Masters in Library Science and at least 3 years experience preferably in Follett library management system.; they should have a single marital status to reflect the accommodation offering and have an outstanding command of the English language. Primary teachers ideally should have Bachelors in Primary Education although those with a PGCE (depending on first degree) will also be considered. Teachers will need to demonstrate attributes of creativity, patience and flexibility. The US curriculum used is a little more rigid than the UK system with a greater reliance on text books and frequent testing. Teachers need to be mindful of cultural sensitivities and be able to deliver differentiated work on an academic and English language basis. This is not a typical western expatriate school; all students come from local families.


* Tax Free Salary starting from 9000AED per month
* End of Service Gratuity
* Free shared furnished accommodation with good local amenities
* Local Medical Insurance
* Annual Flights


knowledge of curriculum

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