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Online Thinking Teacher (A-level)
: August 2021
Location: Worldwide
Curriculum: Cambridge - IAS/IA
Experience: 2 years
Contract: 1 year renewable

The role of an online teacher is first and foremost to facilitate learning - not direct it. Teachers are committed to doing more than supporting students in achieving good results. They are dedicated to developing students' capacity as independent and collaborative learners.

Working as part of global EdTech company Pamoja, affiliated with one of the largest online educational platforms worldwide, gives teachers the chance to be part of wide network, whose talent, passion and collaborative approach enable outstanding achievements in the world of online education and allow individuals to use their intellect, experience and vision to be exceptional in their field of work.

The approach to teaching in this format is very similar between Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level and IB Diploma Programme (DP) Courses, with all courses operating to a 33 week timetable in Year 1 and a 29-week timetable in Year 2.

For a typical teaching section of 25 to 30 students, average hours of work are:

  • Cambridge International AS and A Level: estimated at 12.5 hours per week;

The Teaching Services include:

-Review course content and Teacher Support Material (TSM) to ensure preparedness to instruct the upcoming unit/lesson.

- Respond to administrative notifications re students with foreseen absences and differentiate for their needs.

- Respond to administrative notifications re enrolment of students under special circumstances:

  • Late enrolments;

  • Students with special needs;

  • Transfer students.

-Respond to communication from administration as necessary with regards to:

  • Student engagement;

  • Student circumstances.

-Regularly check the subject workspace to monitor communications, requests and issues arising.

  • Contribute to the publication of general assessment feedback.

  • Participate in requisite standardization activities.


  • Manage communications, responding to direct messages from students.

  • Monitor discussion and join in with student support as and when appropriate - this may be by organising video conferences through the platform.

  • IB DP Courses only:

    • Create student groups for group activities;

    • Preparation and delivery of Live Lessons according to a rota.

Marking and Feedback

  • Manage student assessment activity - reviewing or marking student work with feedback, according to standards communicated in mark-schemes, criteria and work-samples provided in TSM.

  • Provide Term Reports and Engagement Ratings on schedule.


  • Educated to a minimum of degree standard, or equivalent.

  • An experienced teacher of the relevant curriculum, with an appropriate teaching qualification.

  • Has at least two years' recent experience teaching the course subject at the level (IGCSE, A Level or IB Diploma Programme) specifically relevant to their application.

  • Can motivate, inspire and coordinate a class effectively.

  • Able to confidently use Microsoft Office and its associated programs.

  • A confident and eloquent communicator, with excellent written and spoken communication skills.

  • Be a native English speaker, or have an internationally recognised qualification in English as a second language to CEFR C1 Level or IELTs 6.5+ (or equivalent), or in exceptional cases, have recently taught for two years or more in an International School where English is the primary teaching language.

  • Ideally has worked in an establishment that has experience of delivering education through online programs or has personal experience with online or blended learning, either as a student or instructor.

  • Able to work virtually and autonomously to meet deadlines, with excellent organisational and time management skills.

  • Highly self-motivated and proactive individual with a genuine passion to learn and explore online tools and techniques.

  • Ideally has experience with one or more learning management systems (such as Moodle, Canvas, Angel, D2L, and Blackboard).

  • Possesses a flexible and positive can-do attitude.

All pay conditions are provided per Semester. An academic year consists of two Semesters. Contracts are issued for one academic year. The number of students in each section is set by the team and will be dependent on the total number of enrolments in each course. All courses will aim to have between 25 and 30 students in each section (20 to 25 for Film), but the actual number may vary depending on circumstances. Further remuneration information will be explained by your dedicated Teachanywhere Consultant.


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