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Primary Travelling Teacher - Falkland Islands, August 2019

Curriculum: International Curriculum (US based)
Experience: Teachers must have 5+ years post qualification
Sponsorship: Single teachers preferred
Salary: Excellent salary and benefits
Contract: One year renewable

School Ethos/Vision: This community school aims to develop well-balanced young adults, who enjoy and thrive on education and use education as a tool to leader happy and fulfilling lives. Students receive tailored education to encourage deep understand and support to ensure success is achieved. This school has approximately 160 students and follows the English National curriculum in Keystage 3 and 4, catering for students up to the age of 16. The school itself is housed in modern, well-resourced facilities which include a library and leisure centre. All classrooms are equipped with ICT and interactive whiteboards. This is a short term contract to cover a current employee's absence through illness.

The Falkland Islands are a unique and dramatically beautiful environment set in the South Atlantic Ocean. Great value is placed on education by Government, parents, students and the community as a whole. Primary and secondary education follows the English National Curriculum, from Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 4 (including SATs and GCSEs). The curriculum is enhanced to take advantage of the locality. Unique wildlife, negligible pollution, low crime rates, the absence of traffic jams, a varied social calendar and the close proximity of South America and Antarctica characterise this community.


The Falkland Islands Infant and Junior School is responsible for the provision of primary education for all children in the Falkland Islands, including those who live in remote locations. They have a main school site in the capital, Stanley, and the majority of the 315 children attend this school. We also have four satellite schools located on farms; between 2 and 8 children attend each of these schools, and each school has a full time teacher.

The post of Primary Travelling Teacher will teach some of the remaining 25 children on our school roll. These children live on one-family sheep farms and are spread across the rural areas of the Falklands. Primary education is delivered to these children via two systems. Firstly they employ teachers who travel (Travelling Teachers) to the farms and spend between two - four weeks (depending on the amount of children) living with the family and teaching the child or children (usually only between 1-3 children) in a 'classroom' in their home. Classrooms are usually re-purposed rooms in the family home. After the initial period with the first family, they move onto the next of their locations, before repeating the 'beat'. Each rotation therefore lasts 6-7 weeks. Therefore there are regular opportunities to travel to the main school site to restock and to make social connections.

The farms are generally large ranch style sheep farms, covering a large area, with thousands of sheep. The farms are set in the Falklands countryside (local name for which is 'Camp' from the Spanish word Campo, this reflects the connections through their history with neighbours in South America). Farms are connected by a road network (gravel tracks) and the teachers usually travel between their locations either using a 4x4 vehicle or we arrange flights for them in 9-seater Britten Norman Islander aircraft.

The second part of this system is that when the Travelling Teacher is with one family, the children in the other families receive daily lessons via the telephone, usually with one of the teachers in the satellite schools, or with the travelling teacher themselves. They then have follow-up homework to complete which they do with the support of their family. So the combined system is face to face teaching from the Travelling Teacher, and daily telephone lessons with follow-up homework when their teacher is based elsewhere.

Package: Salary of £37,980 with 26% tax (for 5 years experience). Single accommodation, start and end of contract flights and medical insurance are all provided.


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