Far East & Asia

Teach in China

China is emerging as a global economic powerhouse with education at its core. English competency and schooling in general is a major focus for the Chinese government as a key driver in commerce.

Teachers in China can expect a good salary inclusive of benefits. Salaries are often lower in China than in other Asian countries but this is relative to the significantly lower costs of living here.

Opportunities to learn the language and explore Chinese culture make teaching in China one of the most eye-opening experiences for ambitious teachers looking to develop overseas.

Salary and benefits

  • Teaching salary in China typically ranges from $2000 - $4500 USD per month.
  • Benefits typically include free accommodation (or accommodation allowance), return flights, medical insurance and in some instances, funded training.
  • The low cost of living mean’s teachers can expect to live comfortably and save money at the same time.

Requirements to teach in China

  • Teachers must be licenced and/or certified to teach in their native country.
  • You must be a fluent, English speaker. 
  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant subject.
  • You must have at least 2 years’ teaching experience at the relevant level and in the relevant subject.

About China – the experience

China’s extensive and intriguing history is ever-present in its famous landmarks, fascinating culture, exotic cuisine and traditional celebrations.

A visit to the Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City is a must, and for teachers who find themselves in Xian City, one of the easiest ways to take in the city is by riding around the still-intact ancient city wall on a bike. After a day of classroom teaching in China, hop onto a bike with a friend and take in the sights and sounds of this 3000 year old city.

Experience China’s traditional festivals, try exotic Chinese cuisine, immerse yourself in some of the world’s most lively cities, or find your inner balance with early morning tai chi lessons. You will find yourself teaching English in a culture that is very different from your own but you’ll be bringing your own culture into the classroom through your lesson plans.