Far East & Asia

Teach in South Korea

Once considered a top TEFL destination, South Korea has in recent years focused on the introduction of English in Kindergartens/nurseries and the development of international middle and secondary schools that now consider English as a core part of the curriculum. English is now taught in elementary schools from the age of 10.

South Korea is a high growth area with an increasing number of exciting teaching jobs on offer in both public and private schools. 

Salary and benefits 

  • Teaching salary in South Korea typically ranges from 2-3 million KRW (approximately $1,976-$2,964 USD) per month, and are often tax-free.  
  • Benefits typically include free, furnished accommodation (or generous accommodation allowance), return flights (at start and end of contract), medical welfare contributions and flexible working options.
  • The low cost of living makes South Korea ideal for teachers looking to save money.

About South Korea – the experience

A beautiful and largely undocumented part of Asia, Korea will surprise even the most established traveller with how distinct its culture is and how well traditions and customs have survived throughout its troubled history.

This is a country filled with stunning beaches, national parks and mountains that provide the perfect backdrop for enthusiastic teachers seeking a new experience. Why not head to the mountains for a hike in summer or skiing in the winter?

Korea is a small country and it’s easy to get around and visit neighbouring China or Japan for a long weekend. You can even visit numerous islands and beaches by boat.

Most teachers spend time travelling around Asia with the money that they have accumulated through good salaries and the low cost of living.