International teaching jobs


Our service does not stop at finding overseas roles but also includes support to help with the transition of different cultures and ways of life abroad.

For 17 years we have been opening the plane door to teaching jobs around the world, spanning six continents and more than 20 locations from China to Saudi Arabia, Dubai to Hong Kong and Bahrain to Singapore.

Combining Teachanywhere’s size, expertise, and local knowledge we are able to advise teachers where in the world they are most likely to thrive professionally and as a person.

Global networks


We believe offering real life experiences is better than reading a travel brochure and that’s why we use former teachers with international experience to give the best insights and advice to our candidates.

Our global presence is demonstrated by the offices we have set up around the world, including: UK, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, North America and South Africa. We’re never too far away to support you.



We work to secure the most suitable overseas teaching job for you based on your qualifications, experience and expectations. The schools we represent have been carefully vetted and we provide you with as much detail as possible to ensure you’re matched with a school that meets your personal and professional preferences.

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We understand that every school has its individual needs so we work with our experts around the world to ensure we source and select the most suitable teachers to fill your vacancy. Our presence across the globe means that we have the local knowledge and expertise required to provide qualified and reliable recruitment advice for your school.


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