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If teaching abroad seems like a distant idea and you need more advice, then we're here to help. If you register with us, you can expect the following eight steps in finding your new international job.

Step 1: Get in touch

If you’ve already made a CV you can apply to our advertised jobs or upload it through the website to express general interest. If you haven’t made a CV yet, don’t worry as we can help with that so just send us an email or give us a call. You may also want to take a look at our frequently asked questions about international teaching before you start.

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Step 2: Speak to us

If you meet our minimum requirements for international school teachers (see the FAQs above) then one of our consultants will be in touch with you to arrange an initial consultative call. We’ll ask you questions to get a good understanding of your situation, your academics and the type of schools you’ll fit into, what you are looking for and give you advice on your options. It’s worth taking a quick look at our top 5 tips for a good recruitment call beforehand to make sure you get the most out of this.

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Step 3: Complete your profile

To proceed with your job search after your call we’ll need to complete a profile for you. The main part of this is collecting your documents and getting references although you may be asked to provide some extra information about your teaching too. If you want to know what will be required take a look at our required documents for job applications - if any of them are an issue don’t panic and just let your consultant know.

required documents

Step 4: Apply to jobs

Your consultant will advise you of what job options are available to you. You’ll then be sent a job description for each role so you can decide which international jobs to apply for. We’ll use our knowledge of the schools to ensure that they are well matched to you. Your consultant will be able to take care of the whole application process. There’s usually no need to write a cover letter (except for leadership roles) so it’s really simple. 

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Step 5: Interview

If all goes well you’ll have an opportunity to interview with some of your chosen schools. The process for this can vary - most interviews take place via video call although there are occasional opportunities for face-to-face interviews at some points in the year. We have interview tips and will help you prepare so you can give the best impression - if you have more than one option we’ll advise you how to approach the situation so you can treat all of them professionally. We will debrief you after the interview and follow up with the schools, which can help when you’ve forgotten to say that one thing... If you aren’t successful we’ll do our best to help you learn from it and be successful in your next application.

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Step 6: Consider job offers

If you’re successful at interview you’ll receive a job offer from the school. We’ll ensure you don’t have any trouble with understanding an international school job offer and you’ll usually have a couple of days to decide if you want to accept. If there’s more than one option we’ll help you liaise with the schools professionally and weigh up the options to make a decision.

understanding an offer

Step 7: Prepare for your new job

Once you have accepted a role we hand over to your new school, who will be in charge of your onboarding and visa application, and to our own onboarding specialist here who will be in touch to support throughout the entire process. They can give you advice on preparing your documents for a visa application, help with obtaining a criminal record clearance, better understanding of the expected costs and advice on how to prepare for the move. We’ll also support if you have any issues with your school or need any other emotional or practical support.

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Step 8: Teach the world, live the dream

The last step of our candidate journey is the first step of your adventure! Time will fly by and before you know it you’ll be packing and ready to go, and in the airport lounge waiting for your flight. We’ll still check in with you occasionally to see how life is going in your new city and school. We’ve also got resources that can help you with settling into your new role, dealing with culture shock, managing your budget and progressing your career and more. If you can take the time to touch base with us and provide your feedback or write a review about the service you’ve received it really helps us, but if you’re too busy enjoying your new life we understand.

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Ready to start your journey? Upload your CV.

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