United Kingdom

Matthew Peck

Client Operations Manager

Matthew Peck, Senior Business Manager


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I ensure Teachanywhere innovates, moves forwards and always offers candidates and clients the best experience. I also visit our schools and meet with our clients at a number of international conferences throughout the year.

After the most amazing experience of living and working in Japan for two years I have since fallen in love  with the desert regions of the UAE and will soon be exploring Vietnam. Past experiences inspire me to tell teachers to “teach the world and live the dream!”

Adrian Eckard

Client Relationship Manager
Adrian Eckard

Adrian Eckard, Client Relationship Manager



I am looking after our Middle East Portfolio by supporting our wonderful clients in their hunt for great talent and am constantly looking for new and exciting partnerships in the region.

I spent 4 years in Shanghai and a year in Jakarta, since then I have travelled quite extensively and am always planning my next travel destination. I look forward to exploring the Middle East region more extensively within the next couple of years. The most beautiful place I have visited so far is Northern Botswana. 

Catherine Stockford

Senior International Consultant

Catherine Stockford, Senior International Consultant


+44 (0)203 870 6354

With over 16 years of education recruitment experience, I enjoy placing UK teachers into exciting international roles. Trained as a primary teacher and currently a school governor, I can't wait to assist teachers into their dream roles in amazing locations!

A keen traveller, I have spent time backpacking all over the world, from climbing glaciers in Patagonia, to working in a school in Cambodia! However one of my favourite places is Italy, and the food has a lot to do with that!

David Starkey

International Consultant
David Starkey

David Starkey, International Consultant

david.starkey@teachanywhere. com

+44 (0)7876 145576

I have lived and worked in China for the past six and a half years as an English teacher and International Teacher Recruiter. I hope my experience living and working internationally will be a benefit to all new teachers taking the plunge into expat life. 

I have travelled the USA, Europe and Asia. My all-time favourite travel destination was Borneo. Visiting the rain forest and seeing wild orangutans and horn-bills is something I will never forget. My next big travel goal is to head south, below the equator and see a whole new sky full of stars. 

Rebecca Gray

International Consultant
Rebecca Gray

Rebecca Gray, International Consultant


+44 (0) 20 3870 6354

Having had such a positive experience teaching at a Cambridge International School in Tanzania, I love to encourage and support other teachers as they embark on their own international school adventure. 

Whilst living in Tanzania, I took full advantage of visiting other East African countries such as Rwanda and Kenya. I enjoy photography so loved visiting the Serengeti and Gombe National Park and capturing the stunning wildlife and landscape.

Christina Macaluso

International Consultant
Christina Macaluso

Christina Macaluso, International Consultant

Christina.macaluso@ teachanywhere.com

+44 20 3870 6534

After teaching English in Taiwan for 4 years and living abroad for 10 years, I decided to pursue a career in international recruitment to help other teachers discover their own international adventure in teaching.

One of my favourite places I've travelled to is New Zealand. Each new destination I arrived at was more breathtaking than the last; absolutely stunning views and landscapes! No shortage of treks in NZ, and this photo was from a long walk down to the southernmost point of the South Island. 

Faye Al-Hindawi-Boyd

International Consultant
Faye Al-Hindawi-Boyd

Faye Al-Hindawi-Boyd, International Consultant

faye.alhindawiboyd@ teachanywhere.com

+44 20 3870 6354

I’m an LLB and MA Educational Leadership graduate. I’ve worked across various educational sectors and I’m excited to be working with Teachanywhere to help brilliant teachers find their perfect role in their dream location.

Having travelled to the USA, Caribbean and across western and eastern Europe, Cuba is the country that truly left a mark on my heart. Its rich history and culture, beautiful scenery, vibrant people and music and dancing on every other street lit a lasting spark within me. 

North America

Linden Clark

International Recruitment Consultant

Linden Clark, International Recruitment Consultant


+1 289 442 1451

Based out of Toronto, I assist North American teachers in finding the best school and location that matches their qualifications. I know first hand how exciting and scary it can be moving to a new country, and am here to answer questions and help prepare teachers for their adventure.

My favourite place I've travelled to (thus far) is Turkey. It is where the East meets the West and has some of the most diverse and unique landscapes I've ever seen. From cave houses to beautiful coastlines, Turkey does not disappoint - not to mention Turkish breakfast is like no other!


Alice Jackson

Client Relationship Manager

Alice Jackson, Account Manager - Far East and Asia


Based in Sydney, I support our client schools that are located in the Far East and South East Asia. I work closely with each school and guide them through the recruitment process to ensure that only well-matched educators are presented.

With so many unique destinations in the world, my rule is to never visit anywhere twice. I do love to explore the diverse cultures and customs of South East Asia – and the more unfamiliar the better!

New Zealand

Polly Maddams

International Recruitment Consultant

Polly Maddams, International Recruitment Consultant


+64 27 404 6025


My role is to match the best candidate and their skills to a school in their ideal location that requires their abilities. I work hard to make teachers realise their professional and personal ambitions.

The best year travelling for me was in South East Asia with the highlight being Sapa – the north-western tip of Vietnam. You get there on an overnight train and three hour bus - but it’s worth it!

South Africa

Sharon Seevinck

Senior International Consultant

Sharon Seevinck, Senior International Consultant

PHONE:  +27 79 500 3462
EMAIL:  sharon.seevinck1@ teachanywhere.com

Since 2013 I have had a small part to play in the life changing experience for many SA teachers internationally. My background is 25 years of teaching in SA, 2 years at a Cambridge school in Qatar, and 3 years as a Lead Advisor for the principal in Abu Dhabi.

The calmness of the desert in the Middle East is probably the biggest highlight of all my travels, which includes the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Chantel DuPlessis

International Resourcer
Chantel DuPlessis

Chantel DuPlessis, International Resourcer

+27 647705999
chantel.duplessis@ teachanywhere.com

SA is so special and unique that it's often called "The World in one Country". Between the Indian Ocean and the green mountains of the Eastern Cape lies the magical Tsitsikamma National Park. The breathtaking hiking trails truly ensure an unforgettable experience.

Being a B.Com Tourism Management graduate I feel to travel is an investment in yourself.
I would like to make a positive impact by evaluating each candidate's particular skills and teaching experience and help them find their ideal job in their desired location.


Nandini Bhatnagar


Nandini Bhatnagar, Consultant


I have a Master of Science in Chemistry and have taught in the past. I'm excited to help individuals in discovering their ideal jobs in stunning locations.

Trying local cuisine and learning about its culinary history, traditions, and methods is probably one of my favourite travel experiences! Additionally, the city's sparkling lights add to the beauty and vibrancy of the night.

Latha Chembuli


Latha Chembuli, Consultant


I am a BA Graduate and an HR professional with a total of 6 years experience, currently working with Teachanywhere as a Consultant. I’m excited to help people find their dream role in exotic locations.

Traveling is one of the best ways to experience beautiful architecture and the legends that go with it.

Bhanuteja Menjivari

International Resourcer

Bhanuteja Menjivari - International Resourcer

bhanu.menjivari@teachanywhere. com

I began as an English teacher, driven by my passion for the language. Transitioned to customer service to broaden my skills, and gained a year of recruitment experience in the US market. Excited for the chance to join Teachanywhere and utilse my expertise to place teachers globally according to their strengths.

Discovering hidden sanctuaries in the heart of nature, where the vibrant greens soothe my introverted soul. Poondi, one of the best places I visited in the southern part of India with next to no connection with the outside world. 

Shailesh Shrivastava

International Resourcer
Shailesh Shrivastava

Shailesh Shrivastava - International Resourcer

shailesh.chandra@ teachanywhere.com

Holds 9+ years of experience in the staffing industry, I have honed my expertise in talent sourcing and career advising. My passion lies in the art of matching the ideal candidate with the perfect role, precisely when it is needed.

I love Himalayan winters and its meadows with alpine areas. I look for beautiful lakes that turn semi-frozen in winter. I eagerly seek destinations that allow me to periodically recharge and revitalize my inner self.

Ayesha Rafath

International Resourcer
Ayesha Rafath

Ayesha Rafath - International Resourcer

ayesha.rafath@teachanywhere. com

I am very passionate when it comes to work. Explored various domains like social media, investments and loans and from past 3 years  I chose to be into recruitment. I love when I talk to people and get to know them, that is where recruitment plays a major role in enhancing my life with great learning opportunities and vast knowledge.

I had travelled to Bangkok my recent trip, loved the people and their culture, one of the beautiful place there is sanctuary of truth.  Would love to travel and explore new places where I get to be closer to the nature and try some amazing cuisines.