United Kingdom

Matthew Peck

Senior Business Manager

Matthew Peck, Senior Business Manager


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I ensure Teachanywhere innovates, moves forwards and always offers candidates and clients the best experience. I also visit our schools and meet with our clients at a number of international conferences throughout the year.

After the most amazing experience of living and working in Japan for two years I have since fallen in love  with the desert regions of the UAE and will soon be exploring Vietnam. Past experiences inspire me to tell teachers to “teach the world and live the dream!”

Charlotte Collins

Account Manager: Middle East and Africa

Charlotte Collins, Account Manager, Middle East and Africa


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I am responsible for guiding our client schools in the Middle East and Africa through the process of finding excellent teachers for their vacant teaching positions. Through a tailored service, I provide advice on recruitment, employability, market trends and cultural changes within the region.

I was impressed by Bahrain and its laid-back lifestyle. Away from the popular locations of Dubai and the UAE as a whole, it offered a fresh experience of traditional Middle Eastern culture, while offering a lifestyle with Western comforts

Abbey Blatch

Account Manager - Europe, Far East and Asia

Abbey Blatch, Account Manager - Europe, Far East and Asia


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I support international schools in appointing teachers of the best possible fit to their educational setting. This involves working closely with principals and staff to identify their needs/requirements as well as exploring the unique personality of each school;.

I enjoy exploring ancient cities like Rome and anywhere in Egypt and imagining what life was like while standing in front of the monuments like the Sphinx. Best for relaxation are the beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Aaron Munday

International Recruitment Consultant

Aaron Munday, International Recruitment Consultant


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I am responsible for guiding teachers through the process of finding international teaching roles specifically in the Far East and Asia.  I have specialist knowledge of opportunities in the East and a passion for it as I have taught there myself.

 One of my favourite travel destinations is Malacca in Malaysia because it's a town with an interesting and varied history due to it being colonised by the British, Dutch and Portuguese, yet it’s still maintained a strong Malay heritage.

Olivia Louisy

International Recruitment Consultant

Olivia Louisy, International Recruitment Consultant


+44 (0) 203 870 6354

I am responsible for supporting teachers throughout the whole recruitment process of securing their dream jobs, teaching internationally. My specialist knowledge is within the Far East and South East Asia, however I also have helped teachers secure roles within the Middle East and beyond.

One of my favourite travel destinations has to be Hong Kong. It is a fascinating place and I have visited twice. It is certainly a great destination to visit if it's your first time to the Far East.

Robert Callery

International Administrator

Robert Callery, International Administrator


+44 (0)203 870 6354

As well as admin responsibilities I collate and coordinate documents both at interview stage and visa processing for hundreds of teachers getting ready for a new challenge in Abu Dhabi with the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

My favourite is Budapest. There's a lot of good food, culture and history; both modern and old depending on which side of the Danube you're one. And there's the thermal spas when you just want to relax.

Lauren Foley

International Recruitment Consultant

Lauren Foley, International Consultant


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I assist teachers based in the UK and the Middle East find their perfect roles in countries they’ve always dreamed of visiting. From the initial call, to post-placement, I’m there every step of the way.

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of months in Alaska. The scenery takes your breath away and the opportunities for wildlife watching are phenomenal. Nothing beats watching a brown bear fishing for salmon mere metres away!

Laura Macnamara

International Recruitment Consultant

Laura Macnamara, International Consultant


+44 (0)203 870 6354

I am responsible for providing advice and support for teachers throughout the recruitment process, helping them to secure their ideal roles in their dream locations. I help teachers to secure roles all over the world, but I have specialist knowledge of Asia due to my time living and teaching in top international schools in China.

I absolutely adore Shanghai, having lived in and near the city for four years. Shanghais is one of my favourite cities due to how vibrant and fascinating it is. It is steeped in history and culture, which is particularly evident in places such as leafy French Concession and the scenic Bund area.

North America

Kaileigh Babcock

International Recruitment Consultant

Kaileigh Babcock, International Recruitment Consultant


+1 (905) 802 2603

Based in the Toronto, teachers around the world take the leap into the vast, captivating, and life changing world of international education!

Every place, culture, cuisine and experience is unique and enchanting in its own way but my all time favourite location (thus far) is Munich, Germany.  This was the country that started it all, after living there for a summer as an Au Pair during university.

Anna Southall-Millward

International Recruitment Consultant

Anna Southall-Millward, International Recruitment Consultant


+1 647 458 9506

Helping North American teachers around the world take the leap into the vast, captivating, and life changing world of international education!

During the two incredible years I spent in China, I had the opportunity to travel across Asia to destinations that took my breath away and changed my outlook on our world. One of these locations was Nepal; a place that I revisit in my mind often.


Lotte Baker

Account Manager and Senior Recruiter for Leadanywhere

Lotte Baker, Account Manager and Senior Recruiter for Leadanywhere


+61 (0)410 301 158

With 12 years experience recruiting teachers in the UK and abroad, my role has evolved to sourcing leadership candidates in Asia and the Middle East. This paved the way for 'Leadanywhere' the bespoke leadership division of Teachanywhere.

A keen sailor, most of my travel adventures have been coastal or ocean based. Living in Sydney is the perfect place to indulge in offshore racing, where I was chosen to compete in the Sydney to Hobart race.

Dominique Van De Klundert

International Recruitment Consultant

Dominique Van De Klundert, International Recruitment Consultant



+64 (0) 21 243 4145

As a former English teacher, I gravitated towards finding the best teachers for large English language projects in Hong Kong and Brunei and working with teachers attracted to gifted and talented education.

There are so many but Oman’s Musandam Peninsula stands out for it fjords where arid mountains contrast with the deep blue water.

New Zealand

Polly Maddams

International Recruitment Consultant

Polly Maddams, International Recruitment Consultant


+64 27 404 6025


My role is to match the best candidate and their skills to a school in their ideal location that requires their abilities. I work hard to make teachers realise their professional and personal ambitions.

The best year travelling for me was in South East Asia with the highlight being Sapa – the north-western tip of Vietnam. You get there on an overnight train and three hour bus - but it’s worth it!

South Africa

Janine Seevinck

International Recruitment Consultant

Janine Seevinck, International Recruitment Consultant


+27 (0)72 998 5984

I manage candidates in their search for new roles abroad. The job includes screening, interviewing, assessing and matching teachers/candidates.

My standout location is Kruger National Park. It’s the biggest unfenced game park in South Africa, where you can see the Big Five on any given day - lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo and cheetahs.

Sharon Seevinck

Senior ​International Consultant

Sharon Seevinck, Senior ​International Consultant


+27 79 500 3462

I am responsible for providing an on-going pool of ​South African teachers ​of all ethnic groups as suitable matches for Teachanywhere’s international teaching vacancies. Abu Dhabi Education Council ​is one of my main clients.

​I’ve taught in Qatar and Abu Dhabi and was able to travel to the UK, many cities in Europe, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. China is top of my bucket list.