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Find out all about Kirsty's experience of teaching abroad in her short video.

Kirsty is a PE teacher from Scotland who is teaching in Shanghai at the moment. Since being in her role, she has explored the city, and progressed in her role at her school.

Wendy, a happy expat

Teachanywhere has done an amazing job in making my dream come true! Out of all the recruiting agencies I contacted, Teachanywhere was the only one to respond immediately and went above and beyond my expectations by responding to all and any concerns.  They showed more tenacity and determination than me in finding the perfect place and fit for me to flourish at my career while enjoying a new culture. They are very kind, professional and supportive from beginning to end, assuring and reassuring throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them above any others, to anyone.

Christiana, a thrilled teacher


Teachanywhere is a wonderful place for anyone seeking to work abroad. I have always desired to work abroad even before pursuing my teaching career, so I finally decided to take a step of faith by signing up. I was assigned with a wonderful consultant and from our first phone call till now she has been amazing. Her support and guidance throughout the process of filling my application, preparing for my first Skype interview and even preparing for my transition to go and teach in Qatar this September has been phenomenal and excellent.

Ryan, a satisfied traveller

The difference between Teachanywhere and other agencies that I tried is that they used their experience of the global market, and considered my individual skills, personality and requirements, then sent opportunities directly to me which they believed would be a match. Other agencies I tried helped to set up my profile but then the support ended and I was required to apply for positions in a huge market I didn't have much knowledge of. The chances of a successful match in this model are much less. Teachanywhere were so supportive before, during, and after I found a position. I'm out in the world experiencing an exciting new opportunity with my family thanks to them!

Deanna, a pleased customer

Thank you so much for your help. You have been absolutely amazing in trying to find me a job. I have worked with many recruitment agents throughout my working life and you put them to shame.

Omar, an excited explorer

Just want to say thanks for all your help over the last few months. I can truly say that you've provided an extremely efficient, honest and quality service, responding to all queries immediately which is rare to see in today's day and age. And I'm glad my ADEC application went with Teachanywhere over the countless others.

Gabriel, an enthusiastic adventurer

The overall experience with Teachanywhere is rather amazing. I didn't expect that I could get an offer so soon. Polly is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. She has given me some very honest and practical advice in regards to finding a position which suits my circumstances. I would definitely recommend Teachanywhere to like-minded teachers.

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