The Teachanywhere journey, from the teacher's perspective.

Highlighting the story of one of our teachers, Naadirah, chronicling their journey from arrival in the UAE to the exciting commencement of their teaching adventure abroad in Dalma Island.

Naadirah's Teaching Odyssey: From Cape Town, South Africa to Dalma Island, UAE.

We’re thrilled to share the story of Naadirah, one of our exceptional teachers who recently embarked on an exciting teaching journey in the UAE. Naadirah's experience illustrates how rewarding and enjoyable teaching in the UAE can be as a transformative shift in career and change of culture.
We’ll guide you through the first couple of weeks of her remarkable adventure using her own words and include some of the fantastic pictures she took during that time.

Embarking on the Journey and Navigating the Recruitment Process.

Now, before she could arrive in the UAE, Naadirah had to go through the recruitment process with Teachanywhere first. What was made clear is that Naadirah really appreciated the efforts and contributions of the Teachanywhere team in helping her make the step out to the UAE in the first place: "I felt informed and at ease throughout every part of the process” she says. 

As is often the case during a teacher's overseas journey, Naadirah met other teachers who had landed jobs through other recruitment agencies when she arrived in Abu Dhabi. She was keen to mention to her colleagues that she was “impressed by everything that Teachanywhere did for me” in helping her into the role. In particular as she went into more detail about the assistance offered by our team, she says her peers were impressed by “the frequent email updates, quick responses, and the webinars” that she received from Teachanywhere as some of the teachers she met "did not get that” themselves.

Based on this, we trust that the transparency and consistent communication offered by Teachanywhere during the recruitment process set the stage for a confident start to Naadirah's journey teaching abroad.

Week One: A Rollercoaster of Experiences.

After touching down in the early hours of Sunday morning and given the opportunity for a brief nap, Naadirah and some of the other teachers awoke to share a breakfast together before having some time for leisure activities. Naadirah and her husband then took this opportunity to head out and explore the area and realised quickly that there were big savings to be made by utilising a bus card rather than a taxi.  In particular they enjoyed browsing the Mushrif Mall for some well appreciated retail therapy. 

Settling in was made easy as the Emirates School Establishment (ESE) went “above and beyond by not only providing us with lunch and supper on the first day but ensuring that throughout our training from Monday onwards, we had delicious finger foods to keep us energised and focused”. 

The second thing for Naadirah to get to grips with would be adapting to the UAE’s differing climate and culture in comparison to Cape Town, South Africa where she is originally from.

The Realities of Arrival: Challenges and Triumphs.

Before she would find out which school in Abu Dhabi she was going to teach in, Naadirah had to finish some administrative tasks which included setting up a new bank account and having medical check ups. Once that was completed she could start to look forward to the more enjoyable aspects of the transition such as finding a place to call home and discovering where she would be working. 

As she says herself about that first stage of the process "This week has been a lot. It’s been overwhelming to say the least." But after a few days that would give way to excitement once she knew which school she was to be based at. Naaidrah discovered that she would be placed on Dalma Island along with another teacher from the group. Dalma Island, nestled in the tranquil waters off the Abu Dhabi coast, offers teachers a unique opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in a close-knit community, surrounded by pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and the serenity of a picturesque island lifestyle, quite the sea change from what she was used to!

Teachanywhere's Support and Commitment Shines Through.

As Naadirah recounts her journey, she consistently underscores the warmth of the culture and the camaraderie among locals and fellow educators in the UAE, confirming, "The people here, especially the teachers at the school, have been incredibly welcoming and supportive." Her positive experience echoes the sentiment that teaching abroad, with its enriching cultural exchanges and supportive communities, can indeed be a transformative and fulfilling career path for educators seeking a global perspective.

Headed for Tranquility: Naadirah's Journey from Abu Dhabi to Dalma Island.

As Naadirah transitioned from the initial days in bustling Abu Dhabi to the serene and remote Dalma Island, the contrast in experiences became clear. While the island lacked the amenities of malls and theatres, its charm lay in evening strolls, breathtaking beach sunsets, and the simple pleasure of fishing. The peaceful ambiance became a welcome change from the busyness of city life, highlighting the diversity and uniqueness that teaching in the UAE offers.

Settling into her role at the school on Dalma Island, Naadirah found herself in an excellent educational environment. The top-notch facilities and supportive staff made the adjustment smoother, even though the workload and administrative aspects were more substantial than what she was accustomed to in South Africa. Despite the differences, she emphasised that everything eventually fell into place, showcasing the adaptability and resilience necessary for teaching in a new country.
Naadirah's experience in the UAE is a testament to the transformative potential of teaching abroad. The diverse challenges and triumphs she encountered underscore the rewarding nature of this career shift, offering educators a chance to grow both personally and professionally. Whether viewed as a change of career, a side quest in one's professional journey, or simply a rejuvenating break, Naadirah's journey exemplifies the fulfilment that comes with embracing the adventure of teaching abroad.

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Embark on your own transformative teaching adventure with Teachanywhere, where the commitment to comprehensive support and transparent communication ensures a seamless transition into rewarding roles abroad. Naadirah's positive journey is a testament to our dedication. Ready to explore diverse cultures and communities? Make a difference to your pupils' lives? Submit your interest below and join the ranks of educators who've found fulfilment through Teachanywhere's transformative experiences. Your next adventure awaits!

Naadirah's teaching journey in the UAE

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