Fighting poverty through volunteering

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Randstad is the global employability partner for VSO - a charity that fights poverty by matching volunteers’ skills with the needs of communities in the developing world.

By capitalising on Randstad’s core competencies and leveraging our network, VSO can stimulate even more positive change to the lives of poor and marginalised people.

In the UK, we help VSO by providing support for volunteers returning to the UK, volunteering specialist skills within our Randstad UK teams and importantly, helping the Ethiopia: All Children Reading programme.

Inclusive education

All around the world, thousands of children are excluded from education because of their gender, disability or background.

We work with communities, schools and governments to make sure that education is for everyone.

Examples of VSO projects making a real difference in the lives of marginalised children include:

Improving learning for vulnerable girls in Nepal

Getting children with disabilities back to school in Ghana

Volunteer with VSO

VSO have been sending volunteers to communities in Africa and Asia for almost 60 years. There is a huge amount of experience supporting almost 40,000 volunteers in that time.

Last year, volunteers supported the training of over 66,000 teachers and nearly 32,000 health practitioners.

Through working with local organisations, businesses and cooperatives 146,000 people were better able to provide for themselves and their families.