Africa has a landscape like no other place on Earth and an unrivalled biodiversity to go with it. To taste its variety of cultures is to sample some of the most intoxicating known to man.

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Africa has it all. Dense jungles, arid deserts, modern cities, stunning beaches, breathtaking safari, bountiful vineyards, incredible nature - the list goes on and on. Parts of the continent have in recent decades been modernised into high-rise metropolises after multi-national corporations tapped into the potential offered by the continent. But for every step Africa takes on the road to modernity its colourful and lively culture follows on.

For the adventurous open minded teacher, nothing beats Africa. Along with low cost living affording some great savings potential, it's a great option.

Navigate this vast continent and find the right location and right school for you with the advice of your Teachanywhere consultant.

Expect the unexpected - No matter what country you are in, Africa is always capable of throwing up a surprise. So whether it's a baboon stopping traffic or a local tribe performing for you, embrace it.

Expand horizons - Try not to slip into the habit of socialising with teacher friends from similar backgrounds. The colourful cultures of the Africans make much more lively company.

Safari - Safari is often a once in a lifetime opportunity and Africa has some of the best organised trips around.

Take precautions - Africa is an exotic continent and so are some of the illnesses you can pick up there. Pack medication and make sure you’re equipped with a mosquito net and check vaccine guidelines.

Shop at markets - Try to barter a fair price but be mindful that those working there have little income.

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