What Bahrain lacks in size it makes up for in potential. Its capital Manama has attracted some of business's biggest names and with development continuing now is the perfect time to consider this country.

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Bahrain presents an attractive package to teachers looking to earn a competitive salary with no personal income tax (expats must pay 1 per cent social security). Because of Bahrain's tiny size many of those who live there travel to neighbouring countries and regions including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Its capital Manama has attracted some of the world’s largest companies including banks and the country is currently experiencing a rise in tourism to its modern hotels. Teaching roles at international schools can are the most common as a large number of the population are expatriates.

Teaching in Bahrain


Bahrain is known as one of the most relaxed parts of the gulf.  This is a serious alternative location to its more well known UAE neighbours.  

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Travel Highlights


Consider driving - Public transport in Bahrain is rare and can be inefficient so driving might be your best bet for getting about.

Stock up on spices - If you’re into cooking or want to learn, pick up local ingredients and spices from the old market in Manama.

Buy a rug...on Thursday - Forget the rush to the bar for Friday drinks, the real rush in Bahrain is to the rug store to enjoy a tea and look for new furniture.

Experience world heritage - The Qal'at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) is more than 4,000 years old and has UNESCO protection.

Live music - Bars and clubs in Bahrain are increasingly offering more live music.

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