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China is one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring countries in the world with an intoxicating blend of culture, history and work-life opportunities.

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As one of the most historically and culturally significant countries on the planet, China presents a unique opportunity for any teacher looking to work abroad. From soaring, bustling cities like Beijing and Shanghai to breathtaking and less explored towns like Guangzhou and Chongqing or Qingdao, China caters for those with vibrant lifestyles as well as quieter ones. Some of the best schools in the Far East are offering exciting opportunities in China for teachers looking for a thrilling new start. With a Cheaper cost of living sitting alongside some of the finest salary packages and a growing number of familiar Western comforts, teachers will find it easy to do the job they love while embedding themselves in an intoxicating culture.


Teaching in China


Whilst ministry of education visa requirements can differ across cities in China, as a rule they require 2 years post qualifying teaching experience in order to secure a work visa.  Always ask your Teachanywhere advisor for the latest updates.  

As well as offering the latest work visa advice for China, Teachanywhere also has the latest insight into all of the continuing new schools and opportunities opening up in China as the international school market rapidly develops.

Travel Highlights


Walk - It’s every man for himself on the Chinese roads so public transport could be the best option for travel.

Haggle - Almost everything in China can be brought down in price with some old fashioned haggling.

Find friends - Whether it’s a sports team or art class of travel buddies, there are plenty of expat groups to help get you settled.

Great Wall trip - When visiting the Great Wall, try steering away from the crowded sections and organise a hike to the un-restored section through Beijing Hikers. It's a sight to behold!

Eating in Beijing - When taking a relaxing break from all the sights and sounds, make sure you sample the culinary delights of delicious dumplings and Peking duck.

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