The home of some of the world's greatest and most famous art, culture and heritage, Europe offers adventure, character and opportunity like no other continent.

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Europe has some of the world’s most visited countries, capital cities and tourist attractions in the world, and is the birthplace of the most popular sports and with each passing border a new adventure and opportunity arises. From London to Moscow, Paris to Madrid and Rome to Berlin, Europe is at the epicentre of arts, business, culture and media.  Once a journey to Europe starts it very rarely ends.   


Teaching in Europe


In the majority of cases opportunities for international teachers are most widely open to EU nationals (EU Passport holders) and packages are not always as lucrative as in other parts of the world but remain popular and equally as enticing.  

Change is coming in Europe and Teachanywhere is ready to support the international teacher every step of the way. Be sure to alert us to your interest in this amazing continent and we may just be able to help you achieve your European dream.


Travel Highlights


Visit...everywhere - Once you move to a European country, transport links make it easy to travel to others

Immerse yourself - They may share the same continent but Europeans are their nations are distinct with their own arts, cultures and customs.

Sightseeing - If you want to visit major tourist attractions like Westminster Abbey or the Eiffel Tower, a good idea will be to plan your trip in advance as these places get very busy.

Support your team - Europe is packed full of some of the most famous sports teams in the world. So pick your side and get behind them!

Action packed - Europe has some of the best skiing and outdoor activity conditions on the planet so make the most of them!   

Working in the UK


If you have ever considered working abroad or simply fancy a new adventure then maybe teaching in the UK is for you. Let Randstad help you find your ideal job so you can enjoy all that the UK has to offer! From London Eye to Windsor Castle to some of the world's most iconic music festivals, you can enjoy a change of scenery whilst livening up your CV at the same time. Find out more about teaching in the UK.


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