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There’s a reason why Hong Kong is so popular with expats. This thrilling and thriving part of Asia suits those looking for a high-paced lifestyle and new career development.

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the most popular outposts for British expats and it’s easy to see why. The territory has one of the most stunning skylines in the world surrounded by picturesque ports and harbours. Remarkable growth in Hong Kong has seen it become one of the most vibrant regions in the Far East and home to some of the world’s most famous companies. As a result it has some of the best restaurants and evening venues on the planet. The pace can be fast and with so much on offer the cost of living is higher than in neighbouring parts of the region. However, with competitive salaries and plenty of opportunities, teachers can discover the best of Hong Kong has to offer.


Teaching in Hong Kong


Like most places across the region 2 years post qualifying experience is generally required to secure a work visa. Please note Hong Kong is a hugely competitive market and as such schools can be far more rigorous in their recruiting decisions. Teachers keen on Hong Kong would also find some of the other southern China cities of great interest as an alternative. With so much competition for vacancies - Teachanywhere are well placed to support your application and ensure you are presented to give you the best opportunity for success.


Travel Highlights


Dual-language details - Have your name, address (home country, too) and contact details written in Chinese and English
Octopus card - Like an Oyster Card in London, an Octopus card is a must to travel in Hong Kong
Plan trips - If you can, sightsee during the week and shop at the weekend
Water - Hong Kong can a be very humid so arm yourself with a bottle of water
Have a wander - Plenty of signs written in English makes Hong Kong easier to explore. Head down to the harbour for the fantastic sound and light show that happens most evenings.

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