Living in India is an experience like no other. Its staggering size and breadth of culture and history are infectious and its immense vibrancy allows for an unforgettable way of life.

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Vast, colourful and brimming with diversity, India lavishes visitors with an assault on their senses. It’s impossible to visit this country and not be impressed by its art, history and the magnificence of its buildings and scale. From the home of Bollywood in Mumbai to the splendor of cities like Jaipur and Chennai, India never fails to take your breath away. The country also has one of the largest education systems in the world and with English as the nation’s second language there are opportunities for all levels of teachers.


Teaching in India


Most teaching opportunities exist in India’s key populous cities such as Mumbai and Delhi where you’ll need to be prepared for a fast paced lifestyle. Students are eager to learn and expectations are high. This is a country where teachers really do teach!

Allow the Teachanywhere experts to introduce you to the melting pot that is teaching in India - whilst not for the faint hearted it will be the stuff of lifelong memories.

Travel Highlights


Watch out for Delhi belly - It’s one of the most common complaints by tourists in India but still worth reminding expats of.

It’s a squeeze - India is one of the most populous countries on the planet so expect bust services and up-close contact.

Beware the weather - From October to March, the weather is usually dry and warm. Monsoons and flooding can follow in the rainy season.

Take your time travelling - India is one of the most colourful and intoxicating countries on the planet. But it’s vast! So take you’re time travelling round it.

“It’s a no from me” - Learn to say 'no thank you' firmly but politely!

Top tip for travelling around India - Try to book into home stays and not hotels. This is great for gaining local knowledge and the food is amazing!

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