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Indonesia is one of the most exotic destinations a teacher could wish to move to. Its biodiversity and unspoilt locations make it a bucket list adventure for any visitor

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Indonesia offers teachers the chance of a full work-life balance and the opportunity to live a low cost life that allows for some extravagancy. The country is an explorer's paradise with beaches and volcanoes and the incredible sight of exotic animals like elephants and tigers living alongside one another. With large swathes of the country remaining unspoilt, Indonesia offers teachers a slower pace of life and a chance to embed themselves in their community and fully experience a south Asian way of living. Teaching in Indonesia offers discovery and career advantages. Whilst salaries might seem lower than in other parts of Asia - the very cheap way of life will soon have you understanding the financial benefits of choosing Indonesia.

Teaching in Indonesia


International schools require a minimum of 5 years post qualifying teaching experience in order to qualify for a visa to teach in Indonesia

Whether it be navigating the geography of what island is where or understanding latest ministry visa regulations - Teachanywhere can support your journey to this glorious part of the world.


Travel highlights


Flights - To nearby Singapore and Australia are incredibly cheap.

Bathe in Bali - A busy tourist attraction but one worth visiting.

See the dragons - Indonesia is famous for its Komodo dragons so a trip to the national park is well worth your time.

See the history - Temples in Hindi Prambanan and Borobudur have temples dating back to the 10th and 9th century respectively.

Island hop - As you travel this vast archipelago you'll see changes in landscape, culture, wildlife, language, religion and food - with over 17,000 islands there's enough to keep you busy.

See volcanoes - Volcanoes and incredible local culinary dishes are popular on Sumatra
Visit Lombok - Head here on your holidays to climb Mount Rinjani or take part in a three day hike with stunning views of the whole island.

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