Japan is a country best experienced to be believed. While cities flash with neon lights and have the newest technology embedded, away from urban life is the stunning and picturesque Japan that leaves visitors wanting more. .

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Home of the Geisha, anime and some of the world’s most innovative technology, Japan is one of the countries that never fails to amaze or surprise. Cities like Tokyo - Japan’s capital - and Osaka cater more to modern and busy lifestyles while Kyoto - the former capital city - shows the authentic side of the country with its Buddhist temples and imperial palaces. Spectacles outside of urban life include stunning countrysides, dramatic coastlines and unforgettable sites like Mount Fuji. It really is impossible to become bored of Japan.

Teaching in Japan


Whilst you might not come here to save - Japan remains a really solid international teaching option. Competition for roles can be fierce. Make sure you are ready to act quickly when an opportunity presents itself.

With so much competition for vacancies - Teachanywhere are well placed to support your application and ensure you are presented to give you the best opportunity for success.

Travel Highlights


Embrace karaoke - Resistance is futile and you will learn to love it!

Use public transport - Public transport in Japan is amongst the most reliable in the world and trains are virtually never late.

Learn language - Learning the language will be helpful but be safe in the knowledge that some English is spoken in the cities.

Embrace local dishes - Sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki, nabe, the list goes on. Japanese food is generally healthy and packed full of energy.

Convenience of shops - There are convenience stores everywhere in Japan, stocking almost everything you’ll need.

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