Kazakhstan removed the shackles of being a former Soviet state to emerge as one of the most dynamic and exciting nations in the region. Its fascinating geography and history make it an adventure for any explorer.

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Kazakhstan might seem shrouded in mystery but it is welcoming teachers with open arms as it develops into an exciting and modernising destination after unshackling the chains of being a former Soviet state. Experienced candidates in a broad range of subjects will find themselves in demand and can expect strong salaries in return. Culture in Kazakhstan still bears the hallmarks of its Soviet past, presenting an intriguing proposition for teachers used to western life, but with the Caspian Sea in the west and the Altai Mountains in the east it is possible to visit some of the best scenery in the region.


Teaching in Kazakhstan


Growing opportunity awaits educators here both financial and professional. You will absolutely be at the front line of a new, exciting and developing education system.  

Teachanywhere can introduce you to this amazing country, which, believe us, isn’t the place you may think it is. We have consultants who have been here and their first hand knowledge is invaluable.

Travel Highlights


Carry your passport - It is wise for expats who live in Kazakhstan to carry their passport on them at all times.

Improving social scene - The rise in tourism and an increase in the expat community has led to a rise in international clubs for a wide range of interests. Restaurants and bars have also improved.

Gaps in transport - Public transport has not been brought up to speed and travel to other parts of the country is difficult.

Flagging taxis - Flag down any car that passes - if they stop it means they are willing to take you - all perfectly safe - locals love to help (for an agreed price!).

Buy clothes there - Buy your warm clothes after you arrive. It will be cheaper and the clothes are designed with freezing temperatures in mind.

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