Home to thousands of Britons already, Kuwait has emerged as a viable alternative to nations in the Arab Emirates, and with tax-free salaries more expats are expected to make the journey to Kuwait.

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Sitting at the tip of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait offers tax-free salaries to offset a comparatively high cost of living. Like its neighbour Saudi Arabia, Kuwait has conservative Islamic rules that need to be observed and respected. Much of the population here is made up of expatriates with around 6,000 British nationals living there and a further 5,000 visiting each year. With a variety of American and British schools, expats have a wide variety of international schools to choose from.


Teaching in Kuwait


Kuwait is one of the few places where one year contracts exist (two-three years is the rule elsewhere) and also where you will find vacancies for newly qualified teachers. It is therefore the perfect place to dip your toe in the international teaching water and you’ll will be amazed how many teachers stay here once they have discovered this hidden gem in the gulf.

With similar strict visa regulations as neighbouring UAE, Teachanywhere will asses your suitability to teach here and guide you through the application process.


Travel Highlights


Best time to explore - Because of the heat in Kuwait, the best time to explore the country is between October and April, which are the winter months.

Beach activities - If you can handle the heat of the summer, head down to the beach for water sports.

Get Kuwaiti civil ID - For access to the Government healthcare system, you will use your Kuwaiti civil ID which is used once you have your residence sorted out.

Experience Iftar - Following the month of Ramadan, Muslims will mark the occasion with a meal called Iftar with most restaurants providing buffets.

Join a club - There are a number of expat clubs that can help settle in Kuwait. The corniche in Kuwait is very popular for meeting, eating, exercising and just keeps going. The amount of cyclists and runners that use this is incredible, yet all works well together.

The Avenues Mall - This is one of the most popular places to meet, shop and eat easy to get lost in.

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