Latin America

As one of the most colourful and lively regions on the planet, Latin America stuns the senses with rich surroundings that are best lived-in to experience.

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Latin America

A continent as dazzling and exotic as the countries that comprise it. Central and South America (otherwise known as Latin America) is renowned for its staggering scenery, passionate people and endless possibilities to travel, explore and experience culture in its colourful and natural state. From Columbia to Peru, Argentina to Mexico and Peru to Panama, Latin America is vast, diverse and enthralling enough to tempt any curious teacher interested in sampling international teaching.

Teaching in Latin America


Economic instability has meant fewer international teaching opportunities in the past but this region is growing along with the wealth of its middle classes and opportunities are opening up.  

Let Teachanywhere guide you through the growing opportunities and find the right country to fit your personal preferences.

Travel Highlights


Brush up on your Spanish - Vast swathes of the continent speak Spanish so it’s a good idea to learn key phrases.

Be streetwise - Not everywhere in Latin America is as safe as where you probably came from, so be wise about where you venture.

Get stuck in! - Cities like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City wait for no one and can be a little daunting. The best thing to do - get into the mix of things!

Experience diversity - Latin and South America have some of most incredible biodiversity known to man. Get up close and personal with wildlife in its natural habitat.

Be brave with food - Local dishes will vary from country to country and some will be unrecognisable. But to truly taste this way of life you need to experiment

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