The combination of dramatic landscapes and memorable historical attractions make Oman one of the lesser explored wonders of the Middle East. Tax-free salaries and accommodation packages make it an attractive proposition for teachers.

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Surrounded by the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, Oman has a landscape consisting of desert, river beds and coastlines. As a former empire that controlled swathes of the middle east and Africa, Oman’s historical significance is evidenced by attractions including the Al-Alam Palace in Muscat and the Grand Mosque in the same city. Away from the historic buildings are the natural wonders Oman has including beaches and deserts providing the perfect escape for relaxing or adventure. Teachers in Oman can expect competitive tax-free salaries with accommodation often thrown into the package.


Teaching in Oman


Much “beachier” and green that its gulf neighbours, Oman is the unknown gem of the region - you will teach safely in great schools soaking up a fantastic culture.  Most schools require two years post qualifying teaching experience.

Let Teachanywhere share its insight about this lesser known country.  You’ll be glad you listened!


Travel Highlights


Summer slowdown - The high temperatures in an Omani summer mean busy centres can slow down or shut.

Expensive imports - Be mindful that western imports can be expensive.

Walk empty beaches - Away from the capital Muscat, stunning coasts are often largely vacant allowing for your own private beach.

Try adventurous lifestyle - Weekend can be filled doing kitesurfing, wakeboarding, diving, camping on a beach, driving off-road in the desert or, abseiling and climbing, canyoning and trekking.

Barter - Bartering is the best way to approach the markets and is a fun way to secure a bargain.

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