Seen as a strong alternative to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Qatar is fast becoming one of the most sought after locations in the Middle East. Tax-free salaries, modern business facilities and an exhilarating social scene have already attracted a large expat community and more are expected to arrive.

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Qatar is the prince in waiting if ever Dubai slips off the throne. Like its more famous neighbours, Qatar joined the skyscraper boom in the region and turned its capital, Doha, into a modern hub for global business. Tax-free salaries for teachers are stronger than those offered by neighbouring provinces and with a similar standard of living, Qatar is increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar - the first Arab country to have this - proves how the emirate has developed into the most exciting of the seven emirates.  


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A rapidly growing level of opportunity awaits those keen to consider Qatar.  If Dubai or Abu Dhabi appeals then Qatar should too.  With less rigid visa eligibility restrictions than its neighbours in the UAE it's a definite contender for your attention.

Talk to Teachanywhere’s experts about the emerging opportunities here and increase your excellent options as a result.  Qatar won’t be a secret for long.


Travel Highlights


See Doha 2030 - Doha has been transformed in recent decades and that more development is planned until continues 2030.

No government benefits - The Qatar Government does not provide social welfare benefits to non-Qatari nationals.

Get ready for Qatar 2022 - The world’s most popular sports tournament is heading to Qatar in 2022 when the Fifa World Cup is played there.

Explore sand dunes on a desert safari - If you’re living in Doha and lucky enough to have your own 4X4 you can drive into the desert independently (within an hour from Doha) and make your own adventure.

Try out the souks - Need a break from all the new western malls and bars? Head to the souks, where you can enjoy the true flavour of the orient and taste it's amazing coffee.

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