Russia offers a blend of luxury, culture and landscapes unique in Europe but there’s more to this country than just Moscow and visitors are often surprised by its stunning vistas and wildlife.

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Rich in history, culture and the arts, Russia has many beautiful and alluring aspects. The capital Moscow has the luxury of London with hip bars and restaurants that are akin to Berlin. Its museums and galleries are recognised worldwide for their depth, whilst away from the cities its deep forests and subtropical beaches offer a glimpse of its natural beauty. Good international schools are based in cities where transport links have developed much like overall urban life has.

Teaching in Russia


It’s important to do your research on both school and destination.  Some schools will consider teachers with less than 2 years of experience but in general experience is preferred.  Cost of living can be high in the big cities with rent the biggest expense so school packages must be considered with this in mind. In such a vast country it’s important to be open minded and flexible and ready for adventure!

Let us help you narrow down your options and ensure you make the right decision for you and your personal requirements.  Our expert advisors will be on hand with advice and always an alternative viewpoint.

Travel Highlights


Embrace modern life - Russia is an entirely different country to what it was 30 years ago and now offers many luxuries and comforts.

Experience natural beauty - Russia has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe including the popular retreat Lake Baikal, mountain ranges, deserts, rivers and forests.

Learn language - Expats who pick up basic Russian will find their experience a lot easier.

Come with gifts - Guests should take flowers or wine when visiting a Russian’s home.

Warmer than you think - Temperatures in Russia plunge in most parts but in the south in areas like Sochi the average annual temperature is 18 degrees.  

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