Saudia Arabia

Saudi Arabia impresses on many levels and can offer a luxurious life to those who observe and respect its conservative laws. As one of the most wealthy and developed countries in the region, Saudi Arabia offers teachers a safe and stable teaching opportunity in western compounds.


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Saudi Arabia


A historic and sacred country with tremendous wealth, Saudi Arabia fuses Islamic traditions with a more modern way of life. Candidates should be mindful of the conservative rules the kingdom has in place but at the same time know these do not curtail all aspects of their lifestyles. As one of the most visited countries in the world, Saudi Arabia has developed cities including the capital Riyadh and other major ones like Jeddah into metropolises more suitable for western inhabitants. Candidates who move to this impressive and spiritual country teach in western compounds.

Teaching in Saudi Arabia


It’s not just about the tax free earnings in Saudi. It's a real opportunity to embed yourself in a fascinating culture. Saudi offers a different angle to teaching than other parts of the Middle East region do, and is just as rewarding both financially and professionally.

Make sure you discuss the opportunities in Saudi with a Teachanywhere specialist to ensure it’s the right fit for you and your requirements.


Travel Highlights


Behave conservatively - Laws and rules in Saudi are stricter than in other parts of the Middle East and can result in severe punishment.

Learn customs and culture - The best way to live a fulfilling life in Saudi is to learn about its cultures before going.

Attend embassy events - Embassies host functions all year round and are a great way to meet people other than teachers.

Family time at night - Many families spend their evenings along the Jeddah Corniche, eating, barbecuing or picnicking.

Shop in Riyadh - If it’s shopping you want, head to capital Riyadh. But, if you’d rather stay in fear not: everything can be ordered to your door!

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