It’s no wonder Singapore is popular with expat communities. With one of the best qualities of life on Earth it also has one of the most thriving business centres and the luxury you’d expect of a fast-developed hub.

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Teachers with a command of the English language will find it easy to slip into the Singapore way of life as well as finding job openings; some of which are at the best international schools in the world. As an island state, Singapore boasts a perimeter of coastal attractions sitting outside of luscious parks and open spaces. As a hyper-modern enclave popular with expats from all over Asia and the west, Singapore has one of the highest standards of living in the world, and with connections to all over the world you’ll never be far from your next adventure.

Teaching in Singapore


Singapore is a hugely competitive market and as such schools can be far more rigorous in their recruiting decisions. Teachers keen on Singapore should apply early and are advised to also consider nearby Malaysia and Indonesia to widen their options.  Applicants should have two years minimum of post qualifying teaching experience and should expect to face stiff competition for vacancies.  

With so much competition for vacancies, Teachanywhere is well placed to support your application and ensure you are presented to give you the best opportunity for success


Travel Highlights


Drink from the tap - Singapore has outstanding water quality so save money by drinking straight from the tap.

Visit the zoo - Singapore has one of the best zoos in the world so be sure to visit (night visits recommended!).

Pay flying visit to hawker stands - Hawker stands will become your go to for food! With lots of healthy and not so healthy options, it's a great way to mix with the locals and the food is cheap and delicious.

Visit nearby islands - Take a ferry to some of the smaller islands like Pulau Ubin from Changi Port.  There you can trek, cycle, kayak and get a fish pedicure at the end for good measure.

The tax rate is low - Income tax stands at 7 - 10%, which makes saving a decent chunk of your salary each month very feasible.

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