South Korea

South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet and combines a thrilling city lifestyle with a quieter rural one. Away from the bright lights of cities like Seoul.

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South Korea

South Korea is one of the most high-tech countries in the world with its capital, Seoul, a shining example in technological advancement. Outside the cities and brimming coastal ports, South Korea retains its authentic rural way of life with lush expanses of countryside and ancient Buddhist temples and artefacts. South Korea ranks highly on national education league tables and teachers are often encouraged by the enthusiasm of pupils. As a teacher who speaks English you’ll doubtless become sought after in your community by students and adults alike and as an international education hub, opportunities will come your way. Contracts often include health insurance contributions by the school.

Teaching in South Korea


Generally speaking, teachers require two years post qualifying teaching experience to secure a visa for an international school post.  South Korea, and in particular Seoul, have long been very popular expat destinations so make sure you have done your research and widened your options by looking at all the country has to offer.

Discuss locations with your Teachanywhere advisor as you decide between bustling cities and quieter coastal towns.  

Travel highlights


Buy an umbrella - The typhoon season normally runs from June to November.
Get permission to go North - It’s not possible to enter North Korea from South Korea without special permission but a visit to the demilitarised zone is a fascinating day.
Get used to food - Western food is difficult to find outside Seoul.
Save some money - Food is cheap, public transit is cheap and often as a teacher your rent is paid.
Demonstrations - Don’t be surprised if you see a protest taking place in Seoul.

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