Blissful beaches, dramatic backdrops as well as a busy city lifestyle makes Thailand one of the most popular destinations for teachers looking for classrooms abroad.

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Nowhere combines blissful surroundings, low living costs and teaching opportunities quite like Thailand. The country is best known for its tropical beaches and serene crystal-clear sea like those in Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. But away from the stunning shores those working in Thailand can gawp at its ancient history and Buddhist relics. Then there is there is the sprawling capital Bangkok, famous for its thriving social scene. Teachers in Thailand quickly fall in love with the country, its friendly people and the low cost of living. Successful applicants will become an integral part of a school’s staff and Thai life.

Teaching in Thailand 

Some international schools can show flexibility but as a rule most schools prefer a minimum of two years post qualifying experience. Always discuss the flexibility around our latest opportunities with a Teachanywhere advisor.

Thailand is a draw for its beautiful vistas, friendly people and laid back culture. It’s not a top pick for those teachers looking for the highest salaries, however low cost living will ensure your money will go far.

Travel Highlights


Don’t overstay your visa - If you overstay you will automatically be fined THB500 for each day you remain.
Enjoy savings! - With cost of living about one third of the cost in cities in the UK, make the most of your savings.
Visit temples - Thailand has many breathtaking temples so take your time visiting them. Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok is a good place to start.
Night train - When traveling in Thailand try the fantastic nights trains that get you from one end of the country to another whilst you sleep . Small closet type beds with curtains for privacy and you will be woken by a local man selling local food - all part of South East Asia!
Embrace the madness of Bangkok - It’s the quintessential Asian city and first visits are always an eye opener.

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