United Arab Emirates

The UAE provides an expat life like no other. From the burgeoning opportunities there for teachers, to being able to live a life as fast or slow paced as you like, applicants considering making the move to one of the seven emirates will doubtlessly be bowled over by the possibilities here.

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United Arab Emirates


Comprised of seven emirates, the UAE has transformed itself from an arid desert in western Asia to one of the most dazzling metropolises in the world with state-of-the-art technology, transport, media and shopping hubs next to stunning beaches and holiday resorts. For years Dubai was held up as the gem of the emirates but the capital Abu Dhabi has emerged as the arguably the most impressive of the lot. With the lure of tax-free earnings, a modern way of life and relaxed Islamic rule, it’s no wonder the UAE is a haven for millions of expats.


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Probably the most popular destination for expat teachers and as such equally as competitive. Opportunity abounds - make sure you are thinking about what differentiates you from the next applicant.


Travel Highlights


Emergency healthcare is free - Generally, emergency treatment in government hospitals is free.

Bouncing a cheque is illegal - If a cheque is presented without adequate funds, you will face criminal and civil charges.

Friendly people - Emirates are friendly people who respect expats' different lifestyles. In the same way, their Islamic way of life should be respected too.

Camping is very popular - You can camp in the desert and feel like the only person there.

Try desert safari - A must do for anyone visiting the area.

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